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Exam Entry Information

All GCSE qualifications are now taken in a linear manner. This means that all units making up a qualification and the code for claiming the qualification grade (often called 'aggregating' or 'cashing-in' the qualification) are made in the same examination session at the end of the course.

Exam Syllabi list the awarding body and specification code information for subjects studied at Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11 and some early entry for Year 9). These are available on the individual exam board websites.

Exam Entry Fees will advise of the fees charged should a candidate wish to change tier or qualification. This information is available on the individual exam board websites. Please be aware that:

  • There is only one examination session in an academic year when the exams will take place in May and June.
  • For GCSE's you will need to enter for all units in the qualification to be eligible to reclaim a qualification grade.
  • Late fees will apply to entries received after the published Exam Office deadline.
  • The Exam Office reserves the right to refuse late applications close to the date of examination. Before submitting a late application, please check with the Exam Office whether your application will be accepted.


Certificates from the summer exams arrive in school during October. They are collated and available for collection by the beginning of December. It is hoped however, that the majority of students will celebrate their success by attending the school's annual Rewards Evening when certificates are presented by invited guests. This usually takes place at the end of November each year.

Certificates awarded to students in year 10 are kept securely in school until they have completed their Key Stage 4 studies. All certificates will then issued to students together, in the December following Year 11. We have found that, by doing this, certificates for examinations taken in year 10 or earlier are less likely to be misplaced at home. Certificates will be needed for most jobs or further education applications and, as examination boards charge in the region of £35 for replacements, it can be a very costly exercise if they are collected and subsequently lost. However, if students do not wish to leave them in our safekeeping, they are more than welcome to collect them from the Exams Office.

If someone else will be collecting certificates on behalf of a student, the student must give their permission in writing. The person collecting the certificates should bring proof of identification with them.All visitors to the school should report to Reception via the main entrance at the front of the building.
Certificates will be kept for a minimum of 12 months. After this time, the school is able to destroy any uncollected certificates in a confidential manner. If students have not collected their certificates within this 12 month period, please contact the Exam Office to check whether school is still holding the documents before completing an application for replacements from the exam board(s).

Each exam board's procedures for obtaining official confirmation of examination results following the loss or destruction of certificates are detailed on their website. Please click on the exam board name below to be taken to the relevant webpage.


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Important Information for Candidates

Regulations for the conduct of assessments and examinations are overseen by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). All candidates need to be aware of the regulations affecting their behaviour and responsibilities whilst completing a qualification. Click on the following link to read this important documentation.