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The intent of the PE curriculum is to foster a love of PE in and out of lessons, providing students with a clear pathway to lifelong participation:

Teachers: Mrs S Piearce Swift, Miss R Piling, Miss S Twaites, Mr J Roberts, Mrs H Hinton  


Mission Statement 

‘To offer an engaging and inclusive curriculum to all, which allows students to flourish, enjoy and experience new opportunities through sport in a hope to encourage lifelong sports participation.’


Aims of the PE department;

• To provide opportunities for all students to enjoy sport
• To encourage all students to do their best
• To promote lifelong involvement in sport beyond the classroom and school
• To expose students to a variety of sports
• To allow all students to make progression against their own personal best
• To develop all students fundamental skills within sport
• To create well rounded sportsmen and women to encompasses sportsmanship ethics
• To promote health and well being and how to lead healthy and active lifestyles
• To show the benefits of sport on their own physical, mental and social well being
• To create an outlet for all students where they feel accepted and allowed to express themselves through sport.

Here are a few things you might want to know: 


  • Year 7+8 will have 4 lessons every fortnight - students till experience a broad and balance curriculum and experience a wide range of sports. 
  • Year 9 will have 3 lessons per week - students will follow a sports leadership model, developing their skills as a leader alongside their performance within different sports.  


  • Students will have 3 lessons a fortnight - students will experience a fin and engaging curriculum based around alternative and traditional sports in an attempt to encourage enjoyment and participation within sport.  

Qualifications in PE - Cambridge Nationals:

  • Students can opt to do a Cambridge Nationals Sports Studies and will receive a formal qualification within this subject. Cambridge National in Sport Studies will encourage students to think for themselves about the study of sport and the application to real life practical sport, leadership and evaluation of the skills required there. They will study topics affecting sport through the contemporary issues unit, both play and lead sporting activities, as well as having the chance to either explore the world of outdoor sport or the media.
  • Students can opt to do GCSE Dance  

Opportunities in PE: 

  • Variety of extra curricular activities on offer to all students during and afterschool 
  • External coaches brought in to deliver activities - Fencing  / Golf 
  • Opportunities for competition and fixtures between local and regional schools 
  • Sports Tours are offered to all students which are very popular, upcoming sports tours to PSV Eindhoven and Ski Trip to Italy. 

Students will be assessed on their physical, emotional and social experiences in PE, looking at nine key skills across all units,allowing for clear progression and consistency in their experiences: 


Students who are interested in physical education can further extend their core PE studies at key stage 4 through 2 different courses:

  1. OCR GCSE physical education
  2. OCR Cambridge National level 2 technical award in sport studies.

PE curriculum at Meols Cop High School complies with the Equality Act 2010, the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014 and is accessible for pupil with SEND. Click here to view the SEND Policy. 

Updated December 2021