Meols Cop students must adhere to our professional dress code and our equipment expectations. We are proud of the high standards we expect; our professional standards prepare students for the expectation, challenges and demands of their future careers.

Meols Cop students must wear:

  • A black blazer with school badge  
  • Mid-grey tailored trousers (no fashion trousers) in plain material OR
  • Mid-grey skirt (of knee length) or mid-grey pinafore in plain material  
  • White, plain collared blouse or shirt, short or long sleeves  
  • School tie: 

    Our school ties are made for us bespoke by a specific tie creator. We have given each student a tie free of charge. Should a student lose their tie, or wish to purchase a spare, then the ties can be ordered via school and paid for using ParentPay. The ties are £8.50.

    • Year 7: Blue stripe 
    • Year 8: Red stripe
    • Year 9: Green stripe
    • Year 10: Gold Stripe
    • Year 11: Silver Stripe 
  • Plain knit mid-grey jumper, V-necked without decoration (optional)  
  • Black polished school shoes (no pumps, platforms, heels, boots or trainers)  
  • Plain black tights or grey socks only  
  • Black polished school shoes, with no logos or motifs. Shoes must be flat. Boots and trainers are not acceptable. If a student is wearing the wrong footwear, parents / cares will be contacted and a sanction will be issued.  
  • A dance or drama hooded jumper on days where the student has dance or drama lessons 


  • Hair must be natural, and appropriate to a place of work. Hair styles must adhere to health and safety requirements, and hair must be tied back where requested by a member of staff.
  • Hair must be worn in a style that ensures communication is possible; long hair should not be worn over the face in a way that obstructs eye contact.
  • Unusual colours, shavings or patterns are not allowed. Hair must have a natural hairline with no undercutting or ‘fashion’ styles (such as ‘lines’, patterns or ‘cat scratches’). Hair must be of a natural colour.

Meols Cop students must not wear:

  • Trainers other than for PE / dance.  
  • Shoes that cannot be polished  
  • Hooded or branded jumpers other than on days when students have dance / drama, where they may wear their Meols Cop branded jumpers  
  • Outdoor coats, hats and scarves while inside the building  
  • Unnatural hair colours or styles  
  • Make up that is excessive / obvious  
  • False nails / nail varnish / false eyelashes / hair extensions  
  • Jewellery other than a single pain stud in each ear. Students are permitted to wear one pair of plain studs in each ear lobe only. Students must be able to remove the earring during PE lessons when requested.  
  • Facial jewellery or any other visible body-piercings

 Main School Uniform Suppliers:

  • Whittakers, Hoghton Street, Southport
  • Zips & Snips, King Street, Southport.

 Additional points for all students:

  • Hair should be of a natural looking colour, reasonable length and a style suitable for school, e.g. no patterns  
  • Jewellery – students are allowed one pair of plain studs in each ear lobe only. Students must be able to remove the earring during PE lessons when requested. Make up, false nails or nail varnish is not permitted


Students will be required to have the full PE kit which we have developed in consultation with our current students.  The new kit is more affordable, the fabrics are more breathable, easier to wash and take very little time to dry.  They also offer students a greater range of PE kit to see them through the winter and summer months.  Kit is available from Whittakers and Zips & Snips.

Meols Cop High School - Obligatory PE KIT




Ensuring that all pupils have the necessary equipment both prepares students with the organisational skills they need for success, and ensures that all time in lessons is focused on learning. In order to ensure all time in lessons is focused on learning, our equipment expectations are not negotiable.

Each day, students must bring to school:

  • School bag: students must bring a bag to school that is large enough for the equipment they need each day (handbags are not appropriate); a school bag should be large enough to contain two a4 folder.
  • Pencil case: this is non-negotiable, keeping all stationery in a pencil case aids organisation and minimises damage to equipment. The pencil case should contain:
    • Black/blue pen (a spare would also be helpful)
    • Purple/red pen
    • Pencil
    • Ruler
    • Highlighter
  • Practical lessons will expect students to have:
    • PE kit
    • Dance kit
    • Drama kit

Learning support will offer students two opportunities each week to purchase extra equipment; students must take responsibility for their equipment. Learning tutors will sanction students for failing to have the correct equipment.

Reasonable adjustments:

Mobile phones & devices:

  • Mobile phones, smart watches or other electronic devices should not be brought to school. Students must not use devices in school, If these items are brought into school the school will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.  
  • If a student needs to call home, Progress Leaders and the year group team will support this where a call home is deemed necessary.