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Meols Cop High School Governing Board 

The governing board of Meols Cop High School plays an important role in the life of the school.  Governors make decisions about many aspects of the school including staffing, finance and curriculum.  The governing board consists of members of staff, parents, co-opted governors from the local community and a LA governor.  The governing board and headteacher work in close partnership.

The Governing Board meets once a term but there are committees which have delegated responsibility for various areas of governance. These include:

  • Finance Committee - Meets monthly
  • Environment Committee - Meets monthly
  • Curriculum Committee - Meets at least termly
  • Safeguarding Committee – Meets at least termly
  • Staff Discipline / Dismissal Committee - Meets when necessary
  • Staff Discipline / Dismissal Appeals Committee – Panel convened on an ‘as and when’ basis
  • Staffing and Pay Review Committee (including headteacher) - Meets when necessary, but at least termly
  • Staffing and Pay Review Appeals Committee – Panel convened on an ‘as and when’ basis
  • Student Disciplinary Committee – Meets when necessary
  • Complaints Committee – Panel convened on an ‘as and when’ basis


To find out more about governance at MCHS, please download the Governing Handbook:



Governing Board 2021/22

Headteacher:  Mr. Ian Parry

Chair:  Mr. Colin Davies 

Vice-Chair:  Mr. Andrew McQueen

Clerk to the Governors:  Mrs. Jennifer Tierney


Chair of Governors:
Mr Colin Davies

C/o Mrs J Tierney
Clerk to Governors
Meols Cop High School
Meols Cop Road

If you have any queries concerning the school or your child please contact either of the above, in writing, via the school.


** Please Note:  The appointment of Chair, Vice Chair and the Chair/Vice Chair of the sub-committees to be agreed at the first of their meetings in the autumn term.  Similarly, names of new governors will be added to sub-committees as soon as is practicable and the website updated accordingly.

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There are no material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff.