Back in January 2022 the school took the decision to move the cashless system from Parent Pay to SIMS Pay 360 with a view to migrating all our parental communications to SIMS as this is the management information system we use.

Unfortunately, the migration has struggled to get past the initial stages of onboarding parents onto SIMS Pay 360. Parental feedback has indicated that the parental registration and login interface isn’t as user friendly as we have been used too and parents are having a number of issues with initial setup and subsequent login. We have tried to support this as a school, however, the quantity of issues that parents are encountering and the inadequate follow up support from SIMS Pay 360 has meant that the current payment system is not fit for purpose.

As a result we have been in negotiations over the last few months with ESS and Capita to cancel the existing contract and make the move back to Parent Pay.

We have now migrated back to Parent Pay on the 6th February 2023. All existing trip and lunch balances will be transferred over on this date and you will no longer be able to access SIMS Pay to make payments to the school.

Please note we will no longer be accepting cash in the office from the 7th February 2023, if you are having any issues activating your account or if you need any advice, please do not hesitate to contact the school on or you can contact Parent Pay directly on