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At Meols Cop High School, we believe that history is an essential subject for the development of our young adults. The history department seeks to use the study of the past to create young people who will develop a robust understanding of the key developments of Britain and the world.

Subject Leader: Miss C Taylor 

Teachers: Miss N Riley, Ms C Westall, Mr Thornton, Mr Davis 


Mission Statement 

The History Department seeks to use the study of the past to create young people who will gain an appreciation of the importance of studying the past, and understanding of the of the links between the past and their own lives through an appreciation of ‘our human story.'


A few things you might want to know:

  • Year 7 & 8 have 4 hours of history every fortnight 
  • Years 9 to 11 have 5 hours of history every fortnight 
  • Every year group will receive homework that consists of knowledge quizzes, historical research and revision for upcoming assessments. These are designed to improve historical skills and knowledge to build confidence and memory
  • Setting - all students are set on entry based information from primary school and all sets are reviewed regularly throughout the year. 
  • ICT - we have access to a full set of laptops
  • Extra Curricular - there is a History film club, as well as GCSE revision sessions and dop ins throughout the year to support all students 
  • The History department also believe that visiting historical places is a vital part of their History education. We run trips in Britain for KS3 and internationally for KS4.  


 The GCSE history course is studied at key stage 4, aligned to the Pearson examination board.


Why is History important? 

History is the subject that allows students to gain an understanding of our world, politics and our future. The skills you develop in History can help you in a multitude of careers; journalism, business, economics, law, teaching, advertising, film and TV. 

How do you help prepare for GCSE? 

In History, we have many resources that are tailored to help everyone revise effectively (revision guides, mind maps, video etc) We also provide multiple revision sessions as you get into KS4 and will target students for smaller intervention work. 

Click here to view Curriculum Map 

History curriculum at Meols Cop High School complies with the Equality Act 2010, the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014 and is accessible for pupil with SEND. Click here to view the SEND Policy. 

Updated December 2021