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Drama is more than the study of plays and the performing and adopting of characters, drama teaches us about responsibility, empathy, how to solve problems, to take risks and how to be resilient amongst other key life skills. These mastery of these skills is essential for our students as they move through and beyond Meols Cop.  

Subject Leader: Mrs K Mahon 

(Maternity Cover - Mr J Plunkett)


Mission Statement 


Here are a few things you might want to know: 

  • Students in year 7-9 have one hour of drama every fortnight.
  • Every year group received homework in between their lessons that includes tasks such as remembering key vocabulary as well as reading and watching clips around the topic they are studying. 
  • We have one subject specialise within the department who most students are taught by, with our music and dance teacher also taking some lessons 
  • At KS4, we have opted to study a vocational course with a more practical approach to the subject. Students study under RSL whom are a specialist performing arts exam board. Students leave in year 11 with a grade between level 1 pass from a 2023 Level 2 Distinction*.
  • Students are not set for drama 
  • Extra Curricular - There are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved, including games, producing plays, being part of the Christmas and Summer show as well as trips to see live performances. We also have companies that come in to do workshops and perform for us.    


Students wishing to continue to study drama into key stage 4 will complete the RSL Level 2 Diploma in Creative and Performing Arts.


Why don't you study GCSE drama at KS4?

Since changing to RSL, students grades have increased. The course is much more practical and doesn't have a traditional exam at the end of year 11. The course is completed in chunks and is much more representative of the performing arts industry. Students also really enjoy the course and like the way it is structured. 

If someone is struggling what do you do to help? 

We providing students with the opportunity to attend intervention sessions, encourage them to attend extra curricular clubs to help boost their confidence and structuring the curriculum so that it is accessible to all. 


Click here to view the Curriculum Map 

Drama curriculum at Meols Cop High School complies with the Equality Act 2010, the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014 and is accessible for pupil with SEND. Click here to view the SEND Policy. 

Updated December 2021