Staff CPD

“Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better” Dylan Wiliam


At Meols Cop, a culture of continuous professional development is at our core, and we take pride in providing opportunities for all staff to develop. We value our teachers by providing high quality support and training throughout their career. 

Professional Growth 

At Meols Cop a culture of continuous professional development is at our core, as we believed that “Teacher Improvement is School Improvement”

Bright Spots Blog

The Summer of 2022 will see the return of the MCHS Teaching and Learning blog, sharing what goes on at Meols Cop. 


The Meols Cop Way - Staff Induction 2022-2023

As an induction to life at MCHS, we have fortnightly sessions to welcome you to the Meols Cop Way. These sessions are for all new staff, trainees and Early Career Teachers. However, other teachers are encouraged to attend if they want a refresher on any aspects of MCHS life. Sessions will take places in the RDC from 3.20pm onwards. Snacks and beverages will be provided. 


Staff Professional Development 

High quality teaching improves pupil outcomes,  and effective professional development offers a crucial tool to develop teaching quality and subsequently enhance children’s outcomes in the classroom. 


MCHS Learning Principles

At Meols Cop, we adopt a “tight but loose” approach to teaching.  We want teaching to be tight, in terms of focusing on sound, evidence-informed pedagogical principles, but loose in terms of how this is interpreted in classrooms.  We believe that when teachers implement these principles effectively, students learn well, have high aspirations of what they can achieve and so develop into confident and resilient learners. 


Middle Leader Mastery 2022-2023

Middle leaders are the engine room for the school, sitting at the heart of school improvement. They have a  vital role in turning leadership strategy into action, through curriculum, teaching and learning or staff development. 


MCHS CPD Directed Time Schedule 2022-2023

CPD will take place across the year in allocated slots, either Tuesday after school, twilight sessions or extended CPD sessions. Staff will also have allocated briefing slots and optional opportunities.  Further directed time will be allocated for other events where applicable, such as parents’ evenings if we are able to run these.


Breakfast Jam Schedule 2022-2023

At Meols Cop we are keen to highlight the bright spots within our school, and our Breakfast Jam series allows us to share the great work happening within our school.


Disciplined Inquiry 

Disciplined Inquiry is not about teachers carrying out a ​‘research project’ and then making grand inferences from their findings that directs all teachers to do the same. It is an approach that asks teachers to think deeply about how they are going to improve their teaching (using evidence informed approaches), with a very narrow focus, and then how they will monitor and evaluate the impact that this change is having on the learning of their students.

Checking for Understanding 

Checking for Understanding (CFU) is a formative assessment method that allows us to assess and make inferences about students' understanding and then use this information to inform what happens at the next lesson. 

Emotional Support & Wellbeing for Staff

The attached information from Sefton which outlines some free counselling and emotional wellbeing service for all Sefton Staff. The information outlines that Qwell gives staff “access to online counsellors every day until 10pm via drop-in sessions or scheduled text-based sessions; self-help materials; moderated forums and personal goal-based journals”.


CPD Lending Library 












The CPD library is now up and running, an opportunity for staff to access a huge selection of books, some old classics, others hot off the press - all aimed and providing extra information for CPD. There is a range of books for everyone, including: 

  • Curriculum
  • Literacy 
  • Pastoral
  • SEND
  • Leadership
  • Behaviour
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Training and CPD
  • Assessment 
  • Cognitive Science