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It is our mission to provide a safe and inclusive environment which nurtures students’ passion, understanding and appreciation of music from a range of cultures, whilst supporting them to develop their abilities in the three main musical skills performing, composing, listening & appraising. Our purpose is to build aspirations in emerging creative minds.

Subject Leader: Miss J McNally 


Mission Statement 

The aim of the music department would be to provide students with a personalised and quality learning experience that is engaging and relevant. Our curriculum exploits creativity within a teaching and learning environment, is accessible for all and based on mutual respect; with the aim to provide a lifelong love and curiosity of music, through creative learning experiences. We are passionate about music and deliver a rich and practical curriculum that encourages for creativity and enquiry. We foster musical opportunities for all pupils through providing an array of extra curricular activities for all."


Here are a few things that you might need to know:

  • Students in year 7 have 1 hour of music per fortnight 
  • Every year group receive homework weekly, these are designed to routine musical knowledge and skills. This may involve a written, learning or eve listening task. 
  • We offer lessons in Drums, Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Brass and Woodwind instruments 
  • ICT - We have access to a full set of laptops
  • The music room has electronic drum kit, electronic keyboards and a full selection of music software on our suit of computers in the music room. 
  • Extra Curricular - We offer a wide range of extra curricular music opportunities, such as choir, vocal group, theory club, band and peripatetic lessons 
  • There are opportunities to go and see live music throughout the year. 


The GCSE music course is studied at key stage 4, aligned to the AQA examination board. 

Is there an opportunity to play an instrument? 

Yes, there are opportunities from year 7 to 11, these places are usually awarded to students who show a keen interest and dedication to music, both in lessons and through extra curricular activities. 

If someone struggles what do you do to help? 

 We are keen to develop practical skills through practice and team working skills. The curriculum is designed with methods in place to support learners throughout. 

Why study music? 

Music Education enhances leaning and communication skills, creativity, teamwork, discipline, cultural awareness, respect for others, and self-esteem through personal accomplishment. 

Click here to view the Curriculum Map 

Sefton music services Covid risk assessment guidelines. 

Music curriculum at Meols Cop High School complies with the Equality Act 2010, the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014 and is accessible for pupil with SEND. Click here to view the SEND Policy. 

Updated December 2021