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Our Approach

The aims of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) approach at Meols Cop High School is:

  • to raise students’ aspirations and to broaden their horizons
  • to inspire and to empower students to make informed realistic decisions at key transition points in learning and work
  • to provide good quality independent and impartial careers advice to students which inspires them and motivates them to fulfil their potential
  • to provide advice and guidance which is in the best interests of the student
  • to provide opportunities to work in partnership with employers, training providers, local colleges and others to provide opportunities to inspire students through real-life contact with the world of work
  • to develop enterprise and employability skills including skills for self-employment
  • to support inclusion, challenge stereotyping and promote equality of opportunity   

Underpinning this are the following principles:

  • supporting individual aspirations, improving attainment and ensuring positive destinations
  • meeting the needs of specific groups including looked after children, young, children from economically deprived backgrounds and children with special educational needs and disabilities
  • working with parents/carers, alumni and education, community and business partners to meet students’ career development needs
  • improving young people’s carers employability by improving behavior, attendance and punctuality  

In developing our Careers Education and Guidance provision for students, we have used the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework of 8 guidelines for the best careers provision in schools and colleges. The Careers Strategy is built around them. Our CEIAG programme is based around these 8 benchmarks.


The publication of Careers Guidance and Access for Education & Training Providers in June 2021 clearly states:


“A successful careers guidance programme will also be reflected in higher numbers of pupils progressing to positive destinations such as apprenticeships, technical routes, sixth form colleges, FE colleges, university or employment.”

The new guidance sets out some clear expectations. The most important of which is that all schools should have a Careers Leader and that all schools should be working towards achieving all 8 of the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Further information on the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks and good career guidance can be found via


Impact and Review of the Careers Education and Guidance Approach

We measure and assess the impact of our career’s education and guidance programme by following up our Year 11 leavers to find out their destinations (in case this differs from what was planned) on leaving.

The schools progress towards achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks is evaluated using the online Compass tool. This is carried out on a regular basis by the Careers Leader.  The Careers Programme is revised on the outcomes of the Compass audit. 

Provision is also monitored through regular feedback from students, staff, and our partners.  This feedback is collected through questionnaires and focus groups following key careers activities and at the end of each academic year.  For example, a sample of students are asked to complete Microsoft Form reviews following their Careers Interviews. This is analysed by the Careers Leader and Careers Advisor.

The effectiveness of our career’s guidance will be reflected in the higher numbers of students progressing to positive destinations such as apprenticeships, sixth form colleges, further education colleges.  We work closely with the Local Authority, through Career Connect track all our school leavers as part of the activity survey, the results are then available each year in January.

All destination data (Dfe) is used to assess how successfully students make the transition into the next stage of education or training, or into employment and to inform future CEIAG provision. 

The CEIAG policy is reviewed by the Careers Leader.  This is ratified by Governors.

The Careers Programme is planned and reviewed annually.

Access to independent careers advice is provided by an independent Careers Advisor. Students at Meols Cop High receive impartial independent careers advice from our professionally qualified Careers Coordinator, Ms Paxton who works in school full time.