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Our first day at school

I had made sure my new pencil case was ready, new school bag packed and shoes shiny and ready to go. Sharing the first day at big school and experiencing it alongside our new year 7 students was for all of us exciting and nervous. 


I went out to the school gate and met the families who shared that mixture of emotions while they watched their little ones walk into school for the first time and I promised them they would leave excited about coming back on Monday. 


Your first day at school has to be magical. It has to set the tone of all that is going to come. Yesterday in our first assembly I explained how in day 1 we aren’t going to hand out new books and get you to write your name on the them, we aren’t going to bombard you with new timetables, in day 1 at Meols Cop our year 7 students would change the world. 


Presented with a challenge of reviewing, planning and implementing a waste free lunch year 7 students left the hall buzzing with excitement. Today would set the tone for the next five years of their education the challenge, the feeling of belonging and the mindset to think big. Throughout the day students would also receive on the spot awards for demonstrating our fundamental ASPIRE principles that you can see below.


So, after 30 minutes of being in their new school our year 7 students set off with a determination, purpose and drive that we witnessed throughout the day. The first room I went into I was met with discussion about the impact of waste and students where undertaking a survey of the waste in their own lunchboxes. One student had already put the detail into a bar chart and was in discussion with some peers and staff as to why a pie chart may be a more powerful representation. One young man was asking me how and where the school recycles and do we have an ‘Eco Council’? And this level of conversation continued throughout the day.


During break time the year 7 students were showing me the awards they had already been presented with from showing outstanding ‘Professionalism’ when presenting an idea to ‘Self Awareness’ for supporting peers in some challenging tasks. 


The day continued in this atmosphere and by the time the students returned to the hall there was a powerful air of achievement, excitement but importantly togetherness. We introduced our students to their first guest speaker of the year, Vicki from Om Nom, a zero-waste shop based here in Southport. Vicki gave students two powerful messages: 1) Small changes can have a huge impact 2) The commitment of one person can change the world but when a whole community think in a certain way just look what can happen. 


The ASPIRE awards that students had received throughout the day were collected in and we needed two boxes we had that many. We then proceeded to pull out awards from the boxes read out the amazing things students had been recognised for throughout the day and allowed them to come and choose one of the amazing products that Om Nom had supplied to us to support a Zero a Waste culture. Students who showed exceptional Self Awareness to others, a Professional outlook in all that they did, great Initiative in the ideas they had. 


I went and stood with the families at the end of the day to see the students leaving school and they asked how have they been, are they ok? Soon the students came out of the school gates, excitedly telling stories of how they had changed the world, the new friends they had made and the how much they loved their form teachers.


“Thanks Sir, I can’t wait till Monday so we can keep changing the world.” 


If this is day one, imagine what we are going to do over the next five years.

Mr ParryA school for visionary thinkers, ambitious innovators and pioneers is what’s promised by our new Headteacher, Mr Ian Parry.


Ian Parry is to lead the team here at Meols Cop following his time as Principal at Liverpool Life Sciences UTC (University Technology College), the best performing UTC in the UK. The UTC has recently been listed as one of the top 10 most innovative schools in the country and he brings a wealth of experience around working with local businesses to create direct pathways into quality jobs, apprenticeships and universities.

He is an exceptional teaching and learning practitioner, with a reputation for hosting a range of inspiring teachmeets, Tedx Youth talks and Ignite events. Ian is also well known across the UK for his passion for behaviour management that mirrors the real world. He has created an ethos of ‘Every Day is an Interview’ which helps young people to understand and demonstrate the values and attributes our employers need and work in a positive way. He is passionate about helping to motivate and inspire young people to succeed.

Ian is returning to work in his hometown of Southport to lead the team at this outstanding school. He says, "I have grown up in Southport and it is where I choose to raise my three children. I am extremely ambitious for the Meols Cop community, its students, parents and staff and passionate about creating new opportunities in and out of school that will benefit us all. I am so proud to have been appointed Headteacher at Meols Cop and am looking forward to working with the extremely talented team."



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