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Our parents told us! 

 It's really important that our parents and carers are involved in as much of our school community as possible. Parent's evenings, review days, feedback on reports and good letters and calls home all help us to work with you and to talk about your child's progress. However, please do contact us at any time to discuss any issue you want to, no matter how small you may feel it is. People are often taken aback when I respond in person because they tell me that they thought that "Mr Jones will  be too busy to talk to me!" Not true.  One of my most important jobs is to listen and talk to everyone in our community and I need to know when you aren't happy with something and even better when you are happy!

Parental Engagement and Support


I have spoken to lots of very happy parents over the last few weeks at our different events and as always am incredibly proud of what we are achieving as a school and how we are continuing to develop the absolutely crucial role of working with our parents. I know from my tour visitors that our mums and dads are singing our praises in primary playgrounds and all around Southport and that so many others wish to join our school as our reputation continues to spread and grow.  I thank you all for supporting us but, of course, as a school we need to constantly show our visitors and those already in our community that we are actually as good as our friends are saying that we are!  There are so many wonderful events being organised and so much great learning being observed as I visit our classrooms, that I’ve almost forgotten we are only 5 weeks into the new school year and almost at half-term!  Thank you to year 11 parents who attended our revision evening, which was standing room only and to year 7 parents who, I know appreciated our early meet the tutors’ evening.  Their survey is below so you can see what their views are on those crucial aspects of year 6/year 7 transition and early days at Meols Cop.  It is really important that I know the honest opinions of our parents, so that I can respond if there are any areas where we aren’t living up to our vision of inclusive excellence for all to help me continue to sustain and develop the highest quality learning, teaching and care possible. Thank you to all mums, dads and carers.  I really appreciate your support and encouragement, it makes a huge difference to our school.


Year 7 Parent’s Evening Survey


Strongly agree



My child moved from yr6 to yr7 smoothly




The school open evening and any tours/ parents information evening answered questions you may have about the school and helped you make the right decision about applying.




My child enjoyed the taster day in Year 6




My child understood the high expectations we have of their learning and behaviour before joining us




Were all your possible questions answered before your child started?




The bulletins/parent mail/communications between school and home have kept you informed about school life




My child was looking forward to starting Year 7




My child feels safe at MCHS



My child liked his/her new classes because he/she had some primary school friends but lots of new friends to meet too




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