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Year 6 Transition 2021

Welcome to Meols Cop High School. I hope the information on this page helps you prepare for the transition from year 6 to year 7 and answers some of the questions you may have about this coming move.


At Meols Cop we are looking forward to welcoming you into school and we are doing this already by arranging your form tutor groups, gathering more information about you and planning for when we return. We will be using this webpage to communicate any new ideas and information.


In the coming weeks you will be invited into school to meet your learning tutor and complete your admissions pack with very important information to be completed and returned to school. Please look out for new information and our FAQ section which will be updated regularly with any questions you may have.


For now, I would like you to meet the team of people you will most likely be working with when you come to school. This includes; our head teacher Mr Parry, Miss Douglas your Progress Leader, your form tutors and also the SEN and Learning Support team. I hope you enjoy the virtual tour of what your school is like and learning a little more about us!


Miss Douglas

Progress Leader of Year 7


Meet Your Tutors

I am Mr Parry, I have been Headteacher at Meols Cop for 2 years now. Outside of school I really enjoy cooking, reading and going on exciting adventures. The most important skill you can develop as a young person is the ability to be curious, ask lots of questions and take every opportunity that is presented to you. Meols Cop is a wonderful school. The teachers will make sure your time at Meols Cop is exciting and they will challenge you every day to be the best you can be. The students are wonderful and really look out for each other which is always lovely to see. I look forward to meeting you very soon.

I’m Miss Douglas and I am the Progress Leader of year 7 and also a Geography teacher at Meols Cop. I have worked at Meols Cop for 9 years and I love to get involved in all aspects of learning and extracurricular activities. You will see me a lot around school as I like to pop in and out of your lessons to see all your great work. I enjoy coming into your form rooms during ASPIRE time to get involved in your form projects and debates and I will often be seen on the yard at breaks and lunches. This year I have led a Gaelic football club after school and really enjoy to spread my love of Ireland among our students. I can’t wait to meet each of you and look forward to all the exciting opportunities to come in year 7.

I am Miss Compton and I am in my second year teaching Maths at Meols Cop. I have loved my time here so far. This is my first time being a year 7 form tutor. I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you settle in! You will mostly find me on the Maths corridor. I really enjoy the outdoors and spend many weekends walking and exploring the lovely beaches and pinewoods we have in Sefton with my family. I also enjoy baking and reading when I get time. Something people don’t know about me is that I previously worked for a large soft drinks company.

I am Mrs Ford and I am the Subject Leader for RE and PSHE. I have recently joined Meols Cop and cannot wait for you to join us too! In my lessons, we love to debate life issues and to explore other people’s worldviews. Outside of school, my hobbies include reading, swimming and taking part in exciting days out, such as days to theme parks. I am looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you as the year goes on. I will be waiting for you with a warm welcome in September.

Hello! My name is Mr Meadows and I am an English teacher at Meols Cop High School. Of course, I’m passionate about immersive reading and artful writing, but I also enjoy sports, gaming, and music. I decided to become a teacher to influence the next generation; I want every student to feel confident, independent, and fulfilled, not only with their literacy skills but also with their wider life. I hope that you will support me on this fantastic journey of education – everyone has experienced it and everyone remembers it, so let’s make it count!

My name is Miss White and I am a Maths teacher. I have been at Meols Cop for 5 years. You will find me on the Maths corridor if you ever need to come and speak to me or need any help with maths. Outside of school, I enjoy horse riding and have taught it in the past. I love finding new places to visit and explore. I’m hoping to explore more cities abroad again soon. I have been baking over the lockdowns, doing zoom quizzes with my family and friends and watching Netflix. I’m very excited to meet you all. I’m sure you will love it here as much as I do!

Hi everyone, I am Mr Shawe and my role at Meols Cop is as a science teacher and in particular physics is my specialism.  Before I became a teacher I spent 12 years as an automotive (vehicles) engineer where I worked on many projects designing how cars work.  This job took me all around the world and it was great but I decided to become a teacher because I am passionate about educating and guiding young people about STEM careers.  I run a weekly Lego robotics club for year7 and 8, which this coming year we hope to be able to enter a national competition.  So if you are into coding and Lego then I hope to see some of you at my club.  Outside school I have 2 small children 4 and 6 so they take up most of my time, and just like you, my 4year old is starting the big adventure of starting school.

Hello and welcome to Meols Cop High School.  I’m Ms Leach and I will be your Pastoral Support in Year 7, which means I will be working alongside you, your parents and teachers to ensure you reach your potential during your time with us.  I have worked at Meols Cop for 19 years in a variety of roles and I love it here!  In my spare time I love to spend time with my family and friends, go walking, and listening to music, this summer I am hoping to go back to my favourite place in Ireland, Schull in West Cork.  I look forward to meeting you all very soon.

My name is Ms Pepper and I am part of the Special Educational Needs and disabilities team (SEND). I joined Meols Cop last year and so I know how it feels to go somewhere new, with new adults and new students all around you! However, I have found the school very welcoming and I am glad I made the choice to join the team here. My role is to work with students who need some extra support, whatever that may look like, to ensure that you get the best educational experience that we can offer. Outside of school, I enjoy running, walking and paddle boarding. I like to get outdoors and enjoy new experiences and adventures. I love spending time with my family and friends. Lockdown has taught me to enjoy being with friends and family and enjoy local places. I am looking forward to meeting you all and supporting you on your journey to being whoever you want to be!

WELCOME YEAR 7, the year 7 learning support team and I look forward to you joining us in our Meols Cop family. My name is Mrs Davies and I have been a Teaching assistant at our school for 14 years. I have supported many students over the years and watched them grow into mature young adults. I cannot wait to meet you all, get to know you and for you to get to know me. I would like to know what your hobbies and interests are. I really enjoy my garden and I love painting furniture.

So as you know a little about me now, I am really interested in getting to know each of you too!

September will soon be here for each and every one of you to start your new chapter and please do not worry if you are nervous, everyone is at first. We are here to help!

Hi, I’m Mrs Gerrard and I work in Learning Support. If you need to find me, I’m based in the LRC. Some of my favourite things are walking my dogs, riding big rollercoasters and being outdoors in the sunshine.  I joined Meols Cop two years ago so I can still remember feeling nervous, excited and a little scared which I’m sure you all are.  But don’t worry it’s an amazing place!  You’re going to learn new things, make new friends and get lots of support along the way. I can’t wait to meet you all when you start your Meols Cop journey. 

I have worked as a teaching assistant in primary and secondary schools and I’ve been working at Meols Cop now for four years. I studied science at college and university, so this is a subject I can really help students with. I love being outdoors and you will see me arrive to work on my bike most days but I also enjoy running, open water swimming and climbing. Although I’m a bit of a Maths and Science geek I also love reading and one day I’d like to write a novel, but I wouldn’t mind if I only got as far as a short children’s story.

This year we have 3 new staff starting Meols Cop and joining our year 7 Team. Our new staff include; Miss Harrison who will teach Spanish, Miss Griffin who will teach Geography and Miss McNally who will be the subject Leader of Music. With an array of experience and different subjects we look forward to welcoming them to get to know our school and our students along with our new year 7s.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I be with my friends?
Most students will be with at least one person they know from their primary in form class. We try our best to make sure there is a friendly face nearby.

2. Where do I go on the first day?
Your first day will be Friday 3rd September and you should meet the Progress Leader and Learning Tutors on the year 7 yard.

3. What time does school start?
The bell rings at 8.45am to allow 5 minutes to get to your ASPIRE room to meet your form tutors. You will complete ASPIRE time with your Learning tutor and then you will begin lesson 1 at 9.15am.

4. What extra – curricular activities is there?
At Meols Cop we have a wide range of lunch time and after school clubs offering a variety of activities. Sports clubs run daily with opportunities to join both boys and girls football, basketball, trampolining, dance, hand ball, table tennis. Around school we also have IT club at lunch along with Coding club after school, the library is open every day, there’s music, choir and drama clubs, student council, eco club and many many more opportunities. There really is something for everyone to join!!

5. If I am worried what should I do?
If you are worried there is always someone who can help! You could speak to your Leanring Tutor, Progress Leader, a mentor, any teacher or staff member in school or even a friend and they can help you choose who the best adult support might be.

Year 6 Transition Contact Form

Please complete the form below if you have any questions.