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Year 6 Transition 2020

Year 6 Transition 

Welcome to Meols Cop High School. I hope the information on this page helps you prepare for the transition from year 6 to year 7 and answers some of the questions you may have about this coming move.


At Meols Cop we are looking forward to welcoming you into school and we are doing this already by arranging your form tutor groups, gathering more information about you and planning for our new normal for when we return. We will be using this webpage to set you tasks to allow us to get to know you a little more and to communicate any new ideas and information.


In the coming weeks you will receive an admissions pack with very important information to be completed and returned to school. Please look out for our tasks to complete and return at the bottom of this page and also our FAQ section which will be updated regularly with any questions you may have.


For now, I would like you to meet the team of people you will most likely be working with when you come to school. This includes; our head teacher Mr Parry, Miss Douglas your Progress Leader, your form tutors and also the SEN team. I hope you enjoy the virtual tour of what your school is like and learning a little more about us!


Miss Douglas

Progress Leader of Year 7


Meet Your Tutors

I am Mr Parry and I am your Headteacher here at Meols Cop. I have been here since September 2019. My office is near the main entrance however you will see me all around the school. I have been known to come and sit in your lesson for the day, have lunch with you or even challenge you to a game of table tennis at lunch time. I like to get involved in as many activities as possible in school. This year I have been really impressed by the Aquaponics project that some of our year 9 students are involved with, the work of the Eco Club has had lots of impact and the sports teams show so much commitment. During lockdown I have been busy trying to get my hair to grow back after shaving it off for a good cause. I have also decided to become vegetarian so have been trying out lots of vegetarian recipes. 

I’m Miss Douglas and I am the Progress Leader of year 7 and also a Geography teacher at Meols Cop. I have worked at Meols Cop for 8 years and I love to get involved in all aspects of learning and extracurricular activities. You will see me a lot around school as I like to pop in and out of your lessons to see all your great work. I enjoy coming into your form rooms during ASPIRE time to get involved in your form projects and debates and I will often be seen on the yard at breaks and lunches. During lockdown I have reignited my love for baking and my most favourite dessert I have made is Mint aero cheesecake. I would love all our form classes to get involved in a bake off during year 7 and can’t wait to be a part of this. I know all your form tutors will love this!!! I can’t wait to meet each one of you in September!

My name is Miss Talyor and I am a History teacher. I have worked at Meols Cop for 5 years. You will see me a lot around the humanities corridor where my classroom is located. I enjoy everything History and also enjoy joining in with debates. This year I would like to set up a History film club and would love year 7s to get involved. During lockdown I have been baking, doing some DIY in my house, waiting for the football to start again and playing games with my son.

My name is Miss Twaites and I have worked at Meols Cop for 13 years. I am a PE teacher and I lead numerous clubs here at Meols Cop. We are proud as a PE department to run lots of clubs both at lunchtime and after school which include football, basketball, dance, gymnastics, trampolining, table tennis, handball, cricket, athletics and rounder’s plus many more! My main passion is football and here at Meols Cop we have successful girl’s football teams and I am looking forward to building a new Year 7 team very soon!

My name's Mrs Cooper and this is my 13th year of teaching. I am subject leader of Geography at Meols Cop. You will find me on the humanities corridor or around school doing lots of fun and environmentally friendly activities with our schools eco-club. During lockdown as well as keeping in touch with all my students at Meols cop I have been kept 'very' busy by my two boys who are 6 and 9. On sunny days I've been made to play lots of football (usually just stood in goal) and on rainy days we have built a 5000 piece Lego Anfield! I have also developed new skills on Minecraft and Roblox!! I can’t wait for September to meet you all.

Hi everyone I’m Mrs Mahon and I’ve been at Meols Cop for 10 years now! I am subject leader for Drama. You will all study drama as part of your time table but it’s also my job to create extra-curricular activities for you, so get ready for opportunities to take part in school shows, workshops and to see live theatre! The drama and music department are closely linked at Meols Cop and there are a variety of clubs you can join in with at different times in the year. My hobbies include going to concerts and the theatre as well as the gym and taking care of my cat Dori! During lockdown I have been looking after my little girl and taking part in virtual sign language classes with her. I have also been enjoying shows on YouTube from the national theatre, baking and going for walks. It’s been a while since I’ve had a year 7 tutor group so I’m really looking forward to being part of your Meols Cop journey. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Hi everyone, I am Mr Roberts, my role in school is Subject Leader for Computing. I have been teaching for 23 years and I have been at Meols Cop High School for 14 years.  My room is located at the end of the humanities corridor. It is room IT1. Outside of teaching I run computer clubs every day at lunchtime Monday to Friday. I also run after school computer clubs and do coding clubs throughout the year on various days after school. During lock down I have spent a lot of time working on my garden, cooking and working on my house. 

My name is Miss Brennan and I am an English Teacher at Meols Cop High School. I am very excited to start my Meols Cop life in September 2020 so Meols Cop will also be new for me. You can find me on the English corridors or by the library. I have a keen interest in debate, handwriting and social clubs. During lockdown, I have transformed my garden, and have had countless fun family quiz nights over Skype with my family back in Ireland.

I am Miss Anniky, an English teacher and I am new to Meols Cop this year as well! You will most likely be able to find me on the English corridor or in the library. I am excited to start at Meols Cop High School and get involved in any book clubs or debate clubs that are running. During lockdown I have started using my sewing machine to make tote bags and even the occasional dress - it has quickly become my new obsession! Also, I have started reading graphic novels which I am really enjoying, if anyone is able to recommend any new ones that would be amazing. I have loved being able to spend all day with my dog, Douglas, who loves trying to play with birds in the garden and taking naps in the sun.

My name is Mr Ali, I teach Design Technology at MCHS, in particular Resistant Materials. I will teach you woodwork, a little electronics and designing over the years. I have worked at Meols Cop High School for 5 years and before that I have been a teacher in Liverpool and West London. I will always be located in the DT workshop. This is at the end of the Maths corridor and it looks very different to most normal classrooms. I teach Design Technology but I am also involved with the Meols Cop STEM club. We run a small model F1 club at lunchtimes. My focus this year will be STEM so I will be running  and helping out in some Science, Maths and Technology crossover projects alongside a couple of other teachers. These projects will be run mainly at lunch time and they tend to be engineering based projects. Since lock down I have been cooking more and trying out different recipes, but this has also made me eat more. I have been doing some woodwork and I have more time to read. I don't read fiction, so the books I read are usually about life and how we can improve as people in life. I have also been watching more Netflix and listening to more music. Something a lot of people don't know about me is I meditate. 

I am Mrs Jordan and my role in school is SENDCO and I also teach some English and Literacy lessons. I have worked at Meols Cop for 13 years. You will often find me in the LRC as I am head of the Special Needs Department and it is my role to make sure that students with Special Education Needs are given the support that they need to make sure they are happy in school and feel safe. Also I look after and manage the teaching assistants and make sure that you are given support in class to help you to cope with the work and to make progress with your learning. During lockdown I have been going out walking for an hour a day to help me to keep healthy and fit, this is my new hobby and I am enjoying it. I also like reading and doing Sudoku and crossword puzzles.

I am Mrs Cliffe and I am the Assistant SENDCO at Meols Cop as well as an English Teacher. I am most likely to be found in the LRC area as well as by the library. In school I like to take part in reading groups as well as social communication groups with students. I also like to help students form their own friendship groups using their own ideas such as Lego club or reading groups. During lockdown I have loved spending time at home with my family and my two dogs, Billy and Daisy. Walking my dogs is my favourite thing to do. My lock down hobbies have included developing my back garden (I am in the middle of building a herb garden that I can use for my cooking) as well as enjoying baking cakes and making jams. On a Saturday evening I have enjoyed Zoom quizzes with friends and family.

I am Mrs Balshaw and I am the BASE co-ordinator. The BASE is a quiet area for students with specific SEN needs. The base is located near the library and this is where I will often be found. I have worked at Meols Cop for 14years. In lockdown, I have still been supporting and keeping in contact with the students I usually support in school, making sure I am always there for them. I have enjoyed spending time with my children and keeping in contact with family members I haven't been able to see. I also enjoy reading books.

At Meols Cop we have been collecting memories of our time in lockdown during the Coronavirus outbreak and we would like you to be part of this as well. Below is a time capsule booklet that we would like all students including year 6 to complete and send back into school so we can put them in a time capsule which is going to be buried on school grounds.


The purpose of the booklet is to reflect on your time at home, reflect on the things you have enjoyed doing and also some of your worries along with recording information about you. The booklet will be given to your form tutor initially so they can get to know you. This is a really good opportunity to help us build a picture of you and all the amazing things you like to do. We can’t wait to see your completed booklets.


Can the completed booklet either be emailed to Miss Douglas; or sent via post FAO: Miss Douglas to Meols Cop. Please do not come into school with them at this time.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I be with my friends?
Most students will be with at least one person they know from their primary in form class. We try our best to make sure there is a friendly face nearby.

2. Where do I go on the first day?
We will send information home to inform you of where you will meet on the first day and what entrances to use. You will also be given information on what we will do on the first day.

3. What time does school start?
The bell rings at 8.45am to allow 5 minutes to get to your ASPIRE room to meet your form tutors. You will complete ASPIRE time with your tutor and form class and then you will begin lesson 1 at 9.15am.

4. What extra – curricular activities is there?
At Meols Cop we have a wide range of lunch time and after school clubs offering a variety of activities. Sports clubs run daily with opportunities to join both boys and girls football, basketball, trampolining, dance, hand ball, table tennis. Around school we also have IT club at lunch along with Coding club after school, the library is open every day, there’s music, choir and drama clubs, student council, eco club and many many more opportunities. There really is something for everyone to join!!

5. If I am worried what should I do?
If you are worried there is always someone who can help! You could speak to your form tutor, progress leader, a mentor, any teacher or staff member in school or even a friend and they can help you choose who the best adult support might be.

Year 6 Transition Contact Form

Please complete the form below if you have any questions.