Meols Cop High School

Meols Cop High School

Brokering Aspirations

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School Council


Meols Cop believes that the students have a valuable role to play in the running of the school. The school council provides the vehicle through which students from all year groups can make their voice heard. 


The school Council is run as a lunchtime club each Thursday at the Meols Cop Youth Club. The clubs is co-ordinated by students who have been elected as year representatives or by any student who wishes to be involved in a particular issue. The lunch club is open as a drop in opportunity for all students to voice their opinions or ideas to the school council.

The School Council identifies a project they wish to work on and organise activities and meetings to facilitate this.

  • A new year 7 school council is elected in January each year.
  • A male and female representative is nominated from each form.
  • Each representative campaigns to the whole year group and a secret ballot is taken to elect 2 student candidates for year group representation on the school council cabinet.


In an OFSTED inspection it was named as an example of excellence.

“The school council has firmly established itself as a driving force, pushing through several initiatives, which have really made life for students and staff so much better.  It is an exceptional example of a school council at its best. Certainly, the teacher whose responsibility the school council is, together with the Headteacher, welcome this kind of drive and ensure students energies are sensitively channelled into projects that will make a difference”.

The school council has helped bring about many successful improvements to the school including:

  • Improved dining room facilities 
  • Seating areas in both yards 
  • Healthier lunchtime provision
  • Charitable fundraising activities.

The School Council has also been involved in the local community to help voice the opinions of young people in the community through activities including:

  • Attending an Anti-bullying conference  
  • Working with the Southport Learning partnership to improve the Kings Gardens in Southport town centre.  
  • Working with Meols Rotary club to plant a commemorate park on Kew Gardens to remember the World War 1 Centenary.  
  • Taking part in a Government supported visit to the war graves in Belgium and France to remember soldiers from Southport lost in World War 1.