Meols Cop High School

Brokering Aspirations

Rewards Evening 2017

The evening of Thursday 16th November was a wonderful time at school, as we were able to formally congratulate, celebrate and acknowledge our students who left us this summer at our annual Rewards Evening. The school Hall was a picture of pride as young adults, their parents and carers, teachers and governors gathered for the event which was arranged by Mrs Rimmer. 

Looking every inch the smart and respectable young adults we are all so proud of, students of the class of 2017 were presented with their GCSE certificates by Mr Jones before the special awards and trophies were awarded to those identified by their teachers, worthy of extra recognition.  We always feel that there are never enough of these awards to present because for so many reasons, each of our students is deserving of such acknowledgement.

After the formal awards were made, it was wonderful to see so many of our students mixing with our governors, teachers and parents over a drink in the dining room or, as so many did, take the opportunity for photographs on the stage for prosperity and perhaps a place of prominence on the fireplace!

Mr Jones led the tributes at the end of the evening when he addressed the audience, giving recognition to the students for their efforts.  He proudly displayed his own cache of memorabilia from Ashton Under Lyne Grammar School which includes school reports, sports colours and his most prized award, the combined cycling proficiency certificate and badge.  He made it very clear to everyone that his achievements were small in comparison to those of our students who now have to study much harder for their examinations because of their increased difficulty. 

We wish all of our ex-students every success in the future; they will always receive a warm welcome whenever they come back home to their school.