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Results Day 2020

It is with great regret that because of the current risks around the Covid-19 situation and the nature of the exam process this year Results Day is going to be very different. We can assure you this has been a very tough decision. Results day is the favourite day of every one of your teachers. Being able to share with you and celebrate your results is a big part of why we do our job so not being able to share this with you is difficult.

School will not be open for students on 20th August. All students will still receive their results on the Thursday 20th August 2020 via email only. All students will need to access their school email account on the day of results. An email will be sent directly to each student's individual email address at 8am on this day. We are unable to send this email to any other account and this must be sent to students details not a parent or guardians details so that we are in line with GDPR & JCQ regulations.

In preparation for this to happen we would recommend all students make sure they can access this email account prior to results day in August. Detailed below is a reminder of how to access this account. You will receive an email from our exams officer to confirm communication through this channel. We are asking that ALL year 11 students need to respond to this email to confirm they can access their accounts by 10th July. We would advise that all students need to ensure their password details are secure so that only you can access this information. If any students would prefer for their results to be posted then please contact Mrs S Horsfall the exams officer or email Please be aware that this would likely mean your results wouldn’t arrive at your home address until the next working day at the earliest as results cannot be posted until results day.

All of your colleges should now have shared with you the process for confirming your place when you have received your results. If you have not had this information please contact your college as soon as possible so you are ready to go on the 20th August. If you have still not made a final decision on what to do next or have changed your mind please contact Mr Parry who will work through this with you