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Student Ambassadors

Contact: John Allen (Learning Mentor)


In Spring Term of Year 9, students can apply to become one of our 'Ambassadors'. They will then undergo training based on the specific role that they would like to undertake. Students can then continue in the role of an 'Ambassador' throughout Year 10 & 11.

Ambassador Roles:

Year 7 Form ‘Ambassadors’

There are two Ambassadors who are assigned to each Year 7 Form. They are there to develop positive links with Year 7 students, helping to break down perceived barriers between the ‘lower’ & ‘upper’ years. They are there to assist, can join in with inter-form events and be a listening ear if a student would like someone to talk to. 

‘Heartmath’ Coaches

We are privileged to have a significant number of students trained as ‘Heartmath’ coaches. If used regularly, the ‘Heartmath’ programme is scientifically proven to help students manage stress, anxieties, frustrations, worry and the daily pressures of life more effectively. If a student wishes to access ‘Heartmath’ during registration periods, then please speak to Mr Allen or a Progress Leader.

Inclusion Team Representatives

There are four Ambassadors who work with the Inclusion team during registration periods. They provide an invaluable service supporting staff in the Mentors team.

Sports ‘Ambassadors’

There are a large number of Ambassadors who have offered to monitor or organise activities at break or lunch time. These include basketball on the lower school yard, football with Year 7/8’s on the field and dance in the studio. 

Developing Friendships

Some of our ambassadors will be helping out at a lunchtime club run by local youth workers where Year 7/8 students can come along, make new friends and develop existing ones. In addition, each break or lunch time, the Mentor’s office may be available for Ambassadors to use, to speak to a student in a quieter environment, should this be required.

‘Hospitality’ Team

We are really grateful to all our students who offer to help out with welcoming visitors and serving refreshments at the many school events that are held over the course of the year. These may include Parents' Evenings, Review Days, Open Evenings, Information Evenings or Performing Arts events.


When we introduced our Peer Active Listening Service (PALS) over 12 years ago, we had a dozen Year 11 students wishing to help out our Year 7’s. We now have over 50 students volunteering their time to help their younger peers or staff. Many claim that they were once helped or inspired by an older student when they were in Year 7. Ofsted stated "this is the main reason why students feel bullying is dealt with well and is not a problem in the school, because there are plenty of people to turn to for help."

We really value and appreciate the wonderful work that our 'Student Ambassadors' undertake. They are a credit to the school and excellent role models.

'Student Ambassador of the Year' Award:

Every year we produce a shortlist of students who have gone the 'extra mile' in terms of their commitment to the role and their responsibilities. A 'Student Ambassador of the Year' is eventually chosen who is recognised and celebrated at our annual Rewards Evening.

2014/2015:   Zoe King

2013/2014:   Alex Wainwright

2012/2013:   Lauren Kirwan

2011/2012:   Clayton Creed

2010/2011:   Liam Harbottle