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Meet Our Prefects

Our prefects are a team of talented and professional students, working to support our students, being a positive role model for the younger pupils and help to improve our school. They play an active part in school life, taking responsibility for running many of our whole-school activities - from helping with community outreach to contributing to regular school events. Meol Cop High School prefects have been selected for their personal qualities and skills such as respectability, communication and team working, as well as playing a large part in maintaining discipline around the school.

Brandon - Head Prefect – “Being a Senior Prefect allows me to develop my communication and problem solving skills which will help me achieve my goals. My aspirations are to be content with my life choices and successful in my line of work.”

Erin – Head Prefect -  “Being a Senior Prefect means I can develop my leadership skills for the future and help improve the school from a student’s perspective. My aspirations are to increase the career opportunities available for all students and help them to see school in a positive light.”


Megan - Head Prefect – “Being a Senior Prefect means I can help and support students as best as I can. I want to help them feel comfortable and confident talking with older students or teachers. My aspirations are to share the Meols Cop happy atmosphere across the school and to have as big an impact on helping students as possible”


Senior Prefect Team

Senior Prefects

Megan (Head), Rosie (Deputy), Erin  (Head), Dominic  (Deputy), Brandon (Head)


Community Prefect Team 

Community Team

Olivia, Jasmine (leader), Paul, Raissa


Academic Prefect Team

Academic Tour

Erin (leader), Tyler, Daniels, Archie, Sam 


Sports Prefect Team 

Sports Day

Laura (leader), Abbie, Emma, Tom (Absent)


Environment Prefect Team 

Photo coming soon