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Last update: 2021-10-07

Remote Learning Support


Hello! If you are reading this guide then it is likely that you are having to work at home. It can feel very strange to be at home working away from school especially when some of your classmates are in school and if you are healthy and well. You might feel worried that you are missing out on learning and seeing friends or on the other hand you might feel comfortable learning at home. But you are not on your own, you are still linked in to your classes through Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Your teachers have been working hard to make sure that you have work set for each subject class. Things are a little different this time compared to lockdown. Your teacher might not be able to respond on Teams as quickly because they are still teaching in school. However, you can still contact them via email or in your Teams and they will reply when they can.

If you are feeling well then we are encouraging you all to get yourselves logged in to Microsoft Teams, this is where you will find your Home learning each day. Try and get yourselves organised to see each class subject.  Find a quiet area to work if you can and follow your daily timetabled lessons as much as is possible. Get comfortable, take regular screen breaks and please ask us for help if you are struggling.


Class Times

Year 7 & 8 
Aspire – 8.50 – 9.15

P1 – 9.15 -10.15

P2 – 10.15 -11.15

Break – 11.15 -11.40

P3 – 11.30-12.30

Lunch – 12.30-13.10

P4 – 13.10-14.10

P5 – 14.10-15.10


Year 9,10 & 11

Aspire – 8.50 – 9.15

P1 – 9.15 -10.15

P2 – 10.15 -11.15

Break – 11.15 -11.40

P3 – 11.40-12.40

P4 – 12.40-13:40

Lunch – 13.40 – 14.10

P5 – 14.10-15.10


Login Guides for Microsoft 365

To access Microsoft 365 on the internet, just click on the "Microsoft 365" link in the Student drop down menu, top right of this page, or browse to Click on the "Sign In" button, then enter your school email address and click "Next".

Please note the format for the pupils log in details:

Example for Joe Smith - email is the surname-initial-leave year - examples below:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11



Then enter your school password and click on "Sign In". 



You will then be taken to your Microsoft 365 home screen where you can access Teams, OneDrive, email and more. You can also install Microsoft Office applications on your PC. To install Microsoft apps on your phone or tablet see the guide below. Please note, use of Microsoft 365, via either the website or an app, requires a connection to the internet.

We recommend that where possible individual apps, such as Teams and OneDrive etc, are installed on the device you use to access them. The apps work better than using a web browser. Please also make sure your device has been fully updated for best compatibility. If you have followed the instructions in the documents above but you are still having problems please contact our IT Support unit directly, giving as much information about your device and the problem you are having as you can, by emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft 365 connects to the school to check your login details. They are the same details you use to login to a PC when you are in school. The only difference is, Microsoft 365 asks for your school email address and password. Your school email address is simply your username followed by If, after following the guides above, you are still struggling, ask a parent or guardian to email Please note we can only reply to email addresses registered with the school already. Please also give as much information about the device you are using, and the problem you are having, as you can.

Your teacher will set your assignment and give you instructions for what to do. You can check the class posts from your teacher and other classmates in Teams. Some of you might use class notebook too. You can access Word, PowerPoint, email and more through the Teams app icon so everything you need you can get through Teams. Everything in the one place, homework this year is all on Teams too, not Show my Homework.

You can upload your work through the Assignments tab in Teams. Or if you find your work in files and it is to watch or join a lesson or complete a quiz, make notes or mind maps, then you can do this on paper or in Microsoft Word and follow the instruction the teacher sets. Keep your notes safe and you can send photos of work done on paper to your teacher. Your teacher will then be able to see who has viewed or completed the work and provide you with feedback.

You can contact your teacher or email them through Teams. But if you have problems accessing your work, or you need support while at home, or feel you need to talk to someone, please don’t stress contact school and a member of staff will get back to you as soon as possible. Please do not worry we are still here to help and don’t forget, you could try asking a friend or a family member, or carry out independent research using Google and the online links. Rather than stress, stay positive and just move on to the next task and focus on what you can do. You are not expected to get through everything.

Other Useful Links  This site has access to online lessons in almost every year group, subject and topic for research.  Videos, Quizzes, knowledge on all subject areas you just need to click on start learning and search your topic.  You may want to download this version to your computer if you are studying computer programming.

Microsoft 365 Training