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Distance Learning

Working from home, or at least from a place away from school, is the current requirement.  For many of you, it is a full time arrangement at the moment and for others, it is the situation for the majority of your time.  We realise that this is a very difficult way of working for some of you and we have to admit that for some of the adults at school kit has also been a real challenge.

Mr Meadows has kindly put together a really great, short presentation for Year 10 students who will be returning to school for a few hours every week before the summer break, but we feel that it may help you to organise your time too and also help you to focus your time on the things that matter.  If you feel that you have built up a list of tasks that you have yet to complete, this presentation will help you to put things in order and get back up to date.

Take a look at Mr Meadows' presentation here and see if you find it useful.