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Provider Access Policy  (currently under review) 

This policy sets out the schools’ arrangements for managing the access of providers to pupils at the school for the purpose of giving them information about the providers education or training offer. This complies with the schools legal obligations under section 42B of the Education Act 1997.

A provider wishing to request access should contact;

Careers Education and Guidance Policy ( currently under review)

Meols Cop High School is committed to fulfilling it statutory duties in relation to Careers Education and Guidance. The school's Careers policy ensure that all registered students at the school are provided with independant careers guidance from year 7 to year 11. 


DfE Careers guidance and access for education and training providers - June 2021

This is a statutory guidance from the Department for Education. This means that recipients must have regard to it when carrying out duties relating to independent careers guidance and provider access to schools. 


Careers Progression Strategy ( currently under review)

Good career guidance is the key to social mobility: It is about showing young people, whatever their social and family background, the options open to them, and helping them make the right choices to set them on the path to rewarding future careers. 


External Providers 

Meols Cop High school has close links with all local and specialist post 16 and post 18 education and training providers.

Colleges, training providers, universities and employers are regularly invited into school to support the careers programme, which in turn contributes to the process of preparing our students for their chosen career path.