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Pauline Pearson (Outreach Worker 01704 531180 extn 344)
Margie Montgomery (Attendance Officer 01704 531180 extn 204)
Sefton Education Welfare Service 0151 934 3359

At Meols Cop we know that for students to achieve their full potential it is vital that they attend school everyday.  It is a legal responsibility of parents to ensure that their children attend school.

To encourage good attendance each student should:

1. Be in school each day
2. Make medical / dental appointments out of school time
3. There is now no right to take a family holiday in term-time. All holidays must be taken during none term time.
4. Ask parents/carers to inform school by 8.45am if they are to absent
5. On their return to school following a period of absence, provide a letter from their parent/carer with the reason for their absence

The positive effects are:

Good progress in lessons
Attendance certificates and other rewards
Good references for employer or further education

The negative effects of not having good attendance are:

You will not achieve your full potential at school
Parents will be contacted by the attendance officer on the first day of absence
Repeated absence may result in referral to the Governors attendance panel
Attendance below 90% will result in referral to the outreach worker who may do a home visit
Attendance below 85% will result in referral to the Education Welfare Officer who will do a home visit and may recommend further action
Attendance below 60% will result in a Fast Track system in which if there is no improvement in 6 weeks then parents/carers are taken to court.

Attendance matters!