Meols Cop High School

Brokering Aspirations


Headteacher's welcome

Welcome to our web-site, especially if you are a first time visitor. I’m delighted to be the Head teacher of a school which continues not only to offer an exceptional education to all in our community but as a school which reaches out to all in the educational community in our role as both a Teaching School and National Research School.


At the heart of our MCHS ethos lies the belief that we are a true comprehensive school whose focus every day is to provide inclusive excellence for all of our students and staff. No matter the prior attainment, aptitude, faith or gender of those attending Meols Cop, we believe that we will challenge their learning, break down any learning barriers and equip them with the academic and social skills to be successful young adults. The progress our students make from their primary school through to their final G.C.S.E. grade remains above the national average and our desire to promote aspirational learning and to cultivate a Meols Cop mind-set based on good old fashioned hard work and commitment for ALL of our students is the foundation stone of our school. I know that there are some who clamour for grammar schools to return and some schools like to say that they offer experiences similar to independent schools but unfortunately those schools and experiences may only be available to a select few and a selection made on attainment, parental finance or location. Meols Cop High School will always aim to deliver the best education, care and personal development that a school of any type and within any system in the world can offer to ALL in its local community.


Of course examination results are not the only measure of an exceptional school. Happiness, caring for others, outstanding behaviour for learning, participation in extra-curricular activities, contributing to our school and the wider community, developing a love for learning and a Meols Cop Mind Set are all essential ingredients of what we know that parents expect and know from experience that we will do everything professionally possible to provide opportunities for. 


This is YOUR Community School of choice and whilst it is rewarding to see so many local parents choosing our school for their children, it is equally frustrating to see so many unable to access the school that is their first choice. We increased our admission numbers in spring last year to squeeze more students in and will add as many additional classrooms an increased number of teachers as our budget will allow for next year. It is equally important that we have become the school of choice for staff too. Your children deserve the very best teachers and support staff and our professional development programmes and emphasis on innovation, research and staff well-being, continues to encourage high quality staff to join us as we become nationally recognised for the learning and teaching within our own school and for the support we provide for others. I was delighted that in an external audit of our professional development opportunities by the Teacher Development Trust, we have become the first school in the country to be awarded their GOLD award under a tougher new set of criteria. The careful consideration and support for wellbeing, workload and the mental health needs of both students and staff are paramount in sustaining our school and moving us forwards together.


As a teaching school and research school, we work with the highest performing and most inspirational schools in England and aim to become a beacon of excellence in the North West so that we can sustain and continue our drive far beyond our last ‘outstanding’ Ofsted inspection.


The current educational situation is extremely confusing, divisive and seemingly chaotic for anyone looking to choose a school for their child! Claims are made on past glories, confusing use of data, unfair and totally inaccurate comparisons and what should be a collaborative and open system has become competitive and school advertisements on buses, trains and in the papers offer the world and a few dodgy statistics! I’m incredibly proud of our school and do believe that we provide a wonderful education that is second to none BUT please, please, please don’t take my word for it-come and talk to our students, staff and parents. No glossy brochures or DVDs because our money should be spent on our children, as I know our parents expect, however, I absolutely welcome and seek external verification of our work, invite hundreds of visitors from other schools, talk to and tour with parents at any time and hope that should you visit, you will agree with my evaluation. If you don’t; I need to know! This is a school that never stands still, is never complacent and where the best is always yet to come. It is a privilege to have been chosen to lead such a school.