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Parent Communication

As a school we are always reviewing internal systems, processes and procedure to improve student’s and parent’s experience whilst at Meols Cop High School. Some of the systems essential to this are the online communication platform, MyEd, and the cashless system, Parent Pay. These systems have proven to be a success since they were introduced and have highlighted how beneficial moving the school’s systems digitally can be. When we made the switch, MyEd and Parent Pay, were the best systems available to support the needs of the school at the time, however, we have always wanted to find a system that encompasses both of these great systems in one, easy to use, platform.


As a result the school has decided to make the switch to SIMS InTouch and SIMS Pay 360 which will allow parents to make payments, receive and send communication and track students’ progress, attendance, achievements and behaviour in a one stop, easy access app.


This switch will be done in two stages over the next few months to allow parents and staff to familiarise themselves with the new system.


From the 15th of December 2021 the school will be making the switch from Parent Pay to SIMS Pay 360. Below are the details for parents to activate their new accounts and start making payments to the school from the 15th. Any payments made on Parent Pay after this date will not be received by the school, therefore, it is imperative you register your new account before the 15th to avoid any issues. All current balance on Parent Pay will automatically be transferred to the new system.


If you have lost the code that was provided on the initial letter - please email for a new code.