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Meet the Year 7 Team

Time spent with the form tutors is much more than making sure students are present and in on time!

The relationship developed between form tutor and their students is an extremely strong one. They are involved in the often stressful transition from primary to secondary school, where routines and expectations are learned in a supportive environment, from first meeting the tutor and their parents, to helping them settle in during the early stages of their time with us.

Form tutors are pivotal in the key landmarks of student’s progress through our school. They act as mentors both academically and developmentally and as advocates for their group. 

Welcome to Meols Cop, I am Miss Douglas and I will be the year 7 Progress Leader when you join. My role in school is to ensure you enjoy the transition from year 6 to year 7 and you meet lots of new friends and experience wonderful things throughout your time as a Meols Cop Student. I am also a Geography teacher and I love taking our students out on trips to places like Malham Cove, Holderness coast and next year to Iceland. I can’t wait to meet you all!!

Hello and welcome to Meols Cop High School. I'm Miss Fiddler and I will be your pastoral support for Year 7 . This means I will be supporting and working with you, parents and teachers to ensure you reach your full potential in Year 7 .I have worked at Meols Cop for 17 years as a Teaching Assistant and I have loved every minute of this . In my spare time I love spending time with family and friends and doing fun things with my 4 grandchildren. I am looking forward to meeting you all and supporting you in Year 7 .

Hello! My name is Miss Morgan and I have worked at Meols Cop High School for nearly ten years. I am Head of Design and Technology, and I teach both Art and Textiles Technology; I love teaching my subjects as they are very creative and allow you to explore the wider world. I really enjoy seeing everyone have a go and produce amazing work in my lessons and I am sure you will all be fantastic and have a go.

I am not from Southport, I moved from Harrogate in Yorkshire to complete my Fine Art degree in Chester and I have stayed on this side of the Pennines ever since; this year I will finally be buying a house. Fingers crossed!

I cannot wait to meet you all as you start your Meols Cop High School journey.

Hello, my name is Mrs Diamond.  I live in Southport and love to walk my hairy little dog,  MaClarey, around the Marine Lake. I have taught for 23 years and have worked at MCHS for 9 of those.  I love to teach maths and science.  I am really looking forward to meeting all the members of my new form, 7FD, and can’t wait to hear what sports you like to play, what books you like to read and what hobbies you all do to relax in your spare time.  My favourite sport is walking, I’m currently reading a book called Hamnet, and when I’m not walking or reading, you’ll find me being creative in the kitchen or with textiles. 

Hello, I am Miss Pilling and  a PE teacher at Meols Cop and my specialism is dance. I am very passionate about creating an inclusive community in dance were everyone is welcome and all years’ work together and act as one becoming the Meols Cop dance tribe- who I am incredibly proud of. My hobbies are playing netball and training my son up to be an amazing footballer and dancer. I am really looking forward to taking one my third form at Meols Cop all the way through to year 11. There are so many fantastic opportunities at our school to be involved in and I am keen to encourage my form to get involved in all aspects of school: Sports Days, Dance Shows, Drama Productions, School Councils, Eco Club, English writing competitions and so much more. Can’t wait to meet you all! 

Hola Y6, My name is Miss Dooris and I am Head of Spanish at Meols Cop High School and will soon be one of your year 7 Learning Tutors. I love all things Spanish as you will soon see especially all the Spanish festivals- I really want to go to la Tomatina! In my free time I love to go walking and seeing new places with my friends. Of course I love to watch some Netflix too!  My favourite thing is to travel and see new countries, I even lived in Spain for a little while. I am really looking forward to meeting you all when I teach you Spanish and I am especially looking forward to meeting my new form. My old form were the undefeated champions of Sports day, coming first every year so I can’t wait for this to continue with you! See you all soon!

My name is Mr. Roberts and I am a PE teacher at Meols Cop High School!

I love everything to do sports and I love playing football at the weekend and going to the gym. I am also massive Liverpool FC fan and go to watch them when I can! What I enjoy the most about school is seeing everyone try as hard as they can and get involved in as much sport as they can!  I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and being a year 7 form tutor next year!

I am a Teacher of Art and Graphic Design at Meols Cop High School. Through building an inclusive and positive learning environment I’m enthusiastic about allowing all students to thrive, and to express themselves creativity, and to achieve their best potentials. My hobbies include playing cricket on a Sunday afternoon, learning about photography and building anything out of Lego. I’m excited to be starting this new journey and taking my first year 7 form all the way through their secondary education. I’ll be encouraging my form to get involved in a range of extra-cuticular activities available at Meols Cop, and inspiring students to make positive contributions to all aspects of school . I Look forward to meeting you all. 

Hello, I’m a science teacher here at Meols Cop. I studied Biology at university and even studied in New Zealand for a while. I love science and everything to do with it, particularly birds and the environment! I’m really excited to be a form teacher and you’re all starting at the same time as me, so we’ll be learning all about Meols Cop High School together.

In my spare time I play tennis and I love cooking. I’m really excited for all the opportunities available to you here and will be encouraging all of you to get involved with many aspects of school life. 

Hello my name is Miss Westall and I am a History Teacher here at Meols Cop High School. I am a massive book worm and you will most likely find me in the library at the weekend. My hobbies include hiking, camping and wall climbing. I have a determination to visit every castle in Wales, there are 427 of them! I look forward to helping you achieve your goals, make friends and become fantastic young adults who will make our school proud. See you in September!