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    Letter for Parents

    8 January 2021 (by Stephen Walsh (walsh-s))

    We are again living through some challenging times and as a community we have all needed to respond at pace to our latest lockdown.

    First thing this morning I received my favourite email so far of the week from one of our Year 8 students. ‘Sir I have looked out the window and noticed it has snowed. If it is a snow day do we still need to log onto Teams to do our remote learning?’ My response, ‘Yes please, but do send us a picture of any snowmen you manage to build at break time’.


    We are again living through some challenging times and as a community we have all needed to respond at pace to our latest lockdown. The support, trust and messages from parents and carers has been greatly appreciated and needed throughout this week. The response of the teaching and support staff has been exceptional this week and I feel truly humbled to work alongside a team who are genuinely committed to education and wellbeing of this whole community.

    We all appreciate how challenging this time is for everyone in so many different ways. Covid-19 has impacted all of our lives, many directly through having the virus ourselves or in our families but also indirectly changing the way we live our lives. As a school we are doing all we can to support and ensure that everything we can control, is under control.

    Now we have finalised the number of students in the critical worker provision we have been able to allocate specific support within school for these students. They have responded with great professionalism this week, continuing to follow their online lessons and supporting each other as well as staff to get used to this new way of working. Every student who is attending school has been tested at our on-site facility that we have set up this week and again this has been approached very maturely by our students. Can I take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers involved for responding so quickly to our requests for information and consent to allow this to take place.

    As a Dad of three I completely appreciate the challenges that home schooling brings. We have invested significant time in ensuring our online platform Microsoft Teams enables students to keep learning remotely. We have had over 90% of students engaged in some very creative lessons this week both live with teachers and undertaking work using a range of resources. We know this is not easy and over the coming weeks we are going to introduce a series of learning opportunities that will be away from the screen including practical activities, projects and even challenges that the whole family can get involved in.

    The reality of this situation is one that is not easy for any of us. Since joining Meols Cop I have always found that our strength is based in how we all work together as a community and yet again it has been so impressive to see how everyone steps up from parents, students, teachers and support staff. It is essential that we continue to work together, that we keep communicating in a professional and positive way and that we look after everyone in our school community.


    Take care,


    Mr Parry

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