Meols Cop High School

Brokering Aspirations

Personal & Social Development


The PSD curriculum is delivered by a team of teachers and also through a whole school approach which recognises the influence of other aspects of school life on the students. The lessons use a variety of resources including interactive whiteboards, active learning activities, debates, outside speakers, presentations and taking part in active citizenship in school council elections.

Curriculum KS3:

Each year has a focus which brings together the different elements of the subject.

Year 7   Me : changing schools, road safety, school council, rules and responsibilities, Britishness, British identity, British government, puberty and sex education, drugs education, anti-bullying, safety and first aid.

Year 8   Society: fair trade and consumerism, intolerance and prejudice, human rights and responsibilities as a citizen, Government and democracy, environment project, teen sexuality and relationships, drugs education, healthy eating and fitness.

Year 9   Choices:, sexual behaviour and consequences, the European Union, the police and the criminal system, knife, gun and gang crime, drugs and the law, health and risk taking, financial capability and work related learning.

Curriculum KS4:

Many themes continue into years 10 and 11, with lessons or enrichment activities focussing on Economic understanding and money management, gambling, Globalisation, Law and the judiciary, Sexual relationships including parenting, work related learning including work experience.


Many PSD themes are augmented by drama presentations, outside speakers and special activities such as the school council elections. We also use whole school approaches such as Knife Crime Day where The intention is to make our students aware of potential risks associated with knife crime. Workshops were led by various support agencies including NHS staff who have dealt with issues related to knife and gang crime, the C.E.L.L.S project made up of a trained and experienced team consisting of rehabilitated ex-offenders, ex-prison guards and victims of crime, all with the same aim of making young people aware of how crime effects all it touches.