Meols Cop High School

Brokering Aspirations



The department utilises 9 dedicated maths classrooms each with full ICT smartboard facilities. There are two full sets of laptops with full access to the schools network that are used to extend ICT skills and to enhance classroom learning. At KS3 students are provided with a personal log in to, an online platform to support numeracy skills for all abilities. For KS4, students have a personal access to, GCSE software that challenges and examines students to the full Mathematics curriculum. The department use a multitude of various websites to complete online quizzing and assessments that challenge mathematical misconceptions.

The department liaise closely with intervention teachers who support identified students in KS3 who require support in developing key skills, and our department Graduate Teaching Assistant carries out in-depth intervention at GCSE level for our KS4 students who require additional support in order to maximise their potential.

As a department we are passionate about our subject and encourage students to engage in learning by providing high quality and structured lessons. We are focused on developing students that can make mathematical links between content and extend ideas beyond regular contexts from incorporating the use of manipulatives into our year 7 curriculum to complex GCSE questions linking topics together. Recall skills are vital for our department and are challenged regularly in lessons with ‘5 a day’ tasks at the start of lessons and weekly homework on a cycle to build confidence and attainment. Our mission statement reads ‘The aim of the Mathematics Department is to encourage and develop mathematical independence, providing all pupils with the functional skills essential for everyday life. We believe in promoting an understanding of mathematical concepts, employing a problem solving approach and interleaving to develop transferable skills such as reasoning and communication, and fostering an appreciation of mathematics as a creative and beautiful subject. We want to ensure that we provide a curriculum that promotes ideas of mastery and fluency between topics areas mathematically”.

Wider activities we love to get involved with are NSPCC Number Day, UKMT Maths Challenges and World Pi Day!

Key Stage 3

Our students are set on entry and this is reviewed regularly allowing us to ensure each student is in the optimum set to reach their potential. Due to a combination of half-termly progress reports and a dedicated member of the department who frequently reviews the progress of each year group, we are able to track improvements and identify areas requiring personalised intervention from one of our dedicated intervention teachers.

Year 7 follow a mastery SOW for one year with the idea that all students are able to end the year with secondary ready skills. Students are challenged to take one mathematical skill and drive the forward and extend to all areas connected so that students can make connections between fundamental mathematical skills.

Year 8 students continue to study the national curriculum and assess progress on further KS3 skills. Regular assessments and reviews against GCSE assessments allows us to stream our sets. We believe in a mixed setting approach for the majority of students allowing us to embed the idea of growth mind-set not fixed. 

Key Stage 4

Our students will begin studying for their GCSE examination in Year 9 and currently study a linear GCSE course assessed against the new Grade 9-1 curriculum which allows all students to benefit from a wide range of skills and abilities.

Students will benefit from two tiers of entry, Higher and Foundation, which allows for our young mathematicians to be challenged sufficiently in preparation for their next step.

KS4 continue to consolidate their learning via 5-a-day starter questions and regular homework which is specifically targeted for the learners in their set. Students will also continue to develop their problem solving skills which will be vital to their success in their GCSE examination as well as their future endeavours in college, employment and university.


Maths Clinic – open to all students, department members are available to discuss homework problems or provide catch up support following absences.

Intervention Days – offered to all Year 11 students as part of their exam preparation, department members will plan personalised revision sessions within half term or on a weekend which students can attend to support their revision process. Each member of the department will also offer weekly after school revision sessions throughout the school year where possible, maximising the support provided to all students.

Years 7-9 Curriculum