Meols Cop High School

Brokering Aspirations



We currently have one specialist drama teacher who trained as an actor as well as a teacher before joining Meols Cop. Our Drama Studio is fully equipped with a professional light and sound system that is used frequently as part of Key Stage 3 and 4 lessons. It also features a sprung dance floor, can be fully blacked out, has an interactive white board and fully stocked costume and props cupboard.  The studio itself is wheelchair accessible and has disabled toilet facilities.

Key Stage 3

All students study two topics per year in yr7&8. Each lesson, students are given the opportunity to peer and self-assess and are given feedback by the teacher for how to make further progress. New and exciting schemes of learning are created regularly and are updated to ensure they are relevant and engaging for individual and groups of learners. Study topics are linked directly to the KS4 course specification and create concrete opportunities to develop acting skills as well as developing and analysing theatre.

 Key Stage 4

Learners currently follow the RSL Creative & Performing Arts syllabus, which we feel suits our students best due to its emphasis on practical activities. There is no written exam in this course of study as there has been in previous years, but instead students complete a portfolio to go with each piece of practical work they complete. Assessment is ongoing from the start of year 10 as students will complete their first of two units- Performing Text at the end of the year. This topic covers 3 elements of drama- research, performing and evaluating. The unit is worth 50% and is marked by their teacher. The second unit (50%) is Live Performance in which students will devise their own piece of work in year 11 based upon a theme given by the exam board. Again, students will be expected to keep a portfolio of their work as well as conduct appropriate research. A variety of themes are explored though devising and script work as well as students participating in actor training workshops with external agencies to enhance their performances and confidence. Links are made with local colleges with a view to encouraging students to think ‘what next?’ whether it be a career in performing, creating or teaching drama. Students participate in two drama evenings during each year at Christmas and in the summer.


To motivate, challenge and excite students further, there are a variety of extracurricular activities available including daily lunchtime drama clubs for both KS3 and 4 learners. After Easter we also run a KS4 prep course for year 8 students who have opted to further pursue drama to prepare a first assessment and mock exam using the RSL syllabus. Students at both Key stages 3 and 4 are given the opportunity to showcase their school work and extra-curricular work in our themed evenings at Christmas and in the summer. We also provide students the opportunity to regularly attend the theatre in collaboration with other subjects throughout school.