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We have 1 specialist business teacher and one classroom with an interactive whiteboard and computers for each student. The department prides itself on the innovative design of its own business resources which are continually changed and updated to ensure they remain relevant and stay in tune with the continually changing business environment.

The resources also aim to develop a student led approach to learning in which student are encouraged to work in teams and be enterprising and tackle realistic business problems.

Each student has access to a computer to complete classroom activities and assessed work. ICT is utilised to enhance learning through various classroom activities including; business simulation games, interactive smart board games, on-line games and internet research. ICT is also used to engage students in the assessment for learning process and they are encouraged to use technology to mark each other work and make improvements.

They are also given an enterprise learning passport, to help develop and market the skills needed in the current labour market. Finally, students are given free access to the ‘student investor challenge’ in which they work as on-line stockbrokers and compete against other schools across the country.

Curriculum KS4:

 Student can choose from two pathways that best meet their learning style:

  • GCSE
  • BTEC

There is very little difference in the content of these two courses and both are very challenging in different ways. There is no easy route! The big difference is how these two courses are assessed. The GCSE is assessed with 25% controlled assessment and 75% exam. The BTEC course is 75% controlled assessment and 25% onscreen test


Unit 1 Introduction to a small business: In your first unit you will learn about the enterprise skills you need to run a successful business.

Unit 2 Investigating a small business: Using the knowledge and skills you have developed in unit 1, you will learn how to develop your own independent business research skills. You will then complete your own research on a small business in Southport.

Unit 3 Building a business: In the final unit you will learn about all the different business departments required to make a business successful. You will learn about: marketing (TV, radio, internet adverts), people management (the importance of managing staff effectively), money management (learning how to calculate profit, sales and manage costs).

In the first term of Year 11, student compete a controlled assessment worth 25% of their final grade (see unit 2)

They also complete two exam papers. Firstly, for unit 1 they compete a multiple choice and objective test question paper worth 25%. They will also complete a final paper on unit 3 which includes multiple choice with short and extended answers and data response questions worth 50%.


BTEC Business Level 1 and 2

Students complete the following units in year 10 and 11

Unit 1 – Enterprise in the business world (Core unit controlled assessment 25%). You will learn how to start and run you own small business. You will research what makes a business successful and then complete your own research on a new business idea and complete a detailed business plan and model.

Unit 2 – Finance for business (core unit On-screen test). You will understand the costs involved in a business and how businesses make a profit. You will learn how business use financial tools to measure success and look for areas to improve.

Unit 3- Promoting a brand (optional unit controlled assessment 25%). You will explore the use of branding and marketing in business. You will also get the opportunity to create and promote your own brand for a small Business

Unit 8 – Recruitment, selection and training (optional controlled assessment 25%). You will learn about different job roles and responsibilities in a variety of businesses. You will complete recruitment documentation for a business and make an application for a job you would like to do as a future career and develop interview skills. You will research your own career and complete your own career aspiration action plan.

In Year 10, students compete unit 1 and 3 controlled assessments worth 50% of their final grade.

 In year 11, students complete Unit 2 (on screen test) and their final unit 8 worth 50 % of their final grade.

The BTEC course is split 75% controlled assessment and 25% onscreen test. Students are allowed to re-sit the onscreen test.



Students are given the opportunity to set up their own small businesses. They are given up to £50  capital to start up and run their own small businesses and gain some ‘real life’ experiences into what it is like to run their own business and try and make some money.

Students work in small teams and work together to plan and run their own businesses. Students are encouraged to learn from their own real life experiences as they plan and run the business on their own with the guidance of a tutor and business mentor.

Students are given opportunities to visit different businesses including Land Rover Jaguar, Cadburys World and Leyland DAF Trucks. 

Business Studies Curriculum route