Meols Cop High School

Brokering Aspirations



Welcome to the Art Department.  We offer a varied Art curriculum which includes a wide range of media and techniques such as: pencil, ink, mixed media, painting, print-making, pastel work and in addition to this photography and IT image manipulation . Our staff have specialist skills to offer in a variety of areas. We cater for all levels of ability across both key stages.

We believe that students reach their optimum potential in an environment that encourages exploration, problem solving, positivity and therefore confidence. Our goal is to prepare students for the world outside of school whether they choose to take up a career in art or use their creative skills and expertise in other areas of life. Indeed it is also a positive influence on students well-being.


Key Stage 3

Key stage 3 serves as an introductory course to basic art skills. It is a short course involving oil pastels printing and pencil drawing aimed to give students a basic understanding of the importance of art skills in today’s society. It is also designed encourage those who enjoy it to take it up as an option subject in year 9. Pupils are assessed according to their growth mind set (positivity and confidence to try) and also the standard of work they produce.


Key Stage 4

We have chosen the AQA syllabus, which combines drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and IT among other media. Coursework makes up 60% of the total mark, while the exam (controlled test) is worth 40%. Work is graded using the new 9-1 levels, (9 being high).



Our students are encouraged to practise drawing and painting skills at home during years 7 and 8. This allows them to develop in self-confidence without the constraints of the classroom and indeed a scheme of work. They are encouraged to bring this work to school and talk about it .Years 9, 10 and 11 are given task sheets as a guideline explaining the order of activities for each project, these contain deadline dates to help them to plan their time. If work can’t be completed in class, after school and holiday intervention times are available. Indeed if a student wishes to complete work before the allocated time ,they are also welcome to attend. These sessions are invaluable in encouraging students to manage their work time and are also a chance to express themselves in a more relaxed environment.

An end of course GCSE exhibition is displayed for students and parents in July of every year which gives us a chance to show off the wealth of artistic talent that Meols Cop has to offer. Many of our past students go on to study art in further and higher education.

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