Meols Cop High School

  1. Curriculum
  2. Computing


In today’s modern society, computing is fundamental in ensuring inclusive, personalised, enhanced and extended learning experiences. We believe that computing plays an essential role in helping us to achieve these wider aims. 
As a department, we aim to ensure that all of our learners are fully prepared for the future of Computing and understand how to use new technologies safely. Learners develop transferable skills that will equip them for the work place, college, university, and beyond. Our priority is to ensure that all learners enjoy Computing, make excellent progress, and remain safe while doing so. E safety and cyber bullying are topics of paramount importance and are incorporated into both key stage 3 and key stage 4 schemes of learning. As often as possible open source software is used in lessons. 

Students who are interested in computing can continue their studies at key stage 4 in 2 different courses:

  1. OCR GCSE computer science
  2. OCR creative iMedia level 2 technical award in computing.