Meols Cop High School

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At Meols Cop High School, we believe that history is an essential subject for the development of our young adults.

The history department seeks to use the study of the past to create young people who will;
• Gain an appreciation of the importance of studying the past, and understanding of the of the links between the past and their own lives through an appreciation of ‘our human story’
• Become greater scholars through gaining the skills to investigate, analyse and debate past and contemporary events
• Cultivate a love of the process of learning and a desire to continue it
• Gain curiosity and wonder about the past
• Grow to think critically by approaching evidence and interpretations analytically to seek out the truth
• Act as responsible, active citizens in the world today, informed by the examples of the past
• Develop a robust understanding of the key developments of Britain and the world.

The GCSE history course is studied at key stage 4, aligned to the Pearson examination board.