Meols Cop High School

  1. Curriculum
  2. Dance


The intent of the dance curriculum is to foster a love of Dance in and out of lessons, providing students the opportunity to access:

  • A clear challenge for students, no matter their ability or starting point
  • To promote a broad range of dance styles, exploring new and different stimuli which is current and relevant to the students
  • Allow students to develop the three main qualities of a dancer- to perform, to choreograph and to appreciate dance to give an holistic view of dance careers and opportunities
  • Supporting and encouraging students to be creative, explore and discover new ideas as well as respecting those of others
  • To foster the love of performing in and out of lessons, providing all students with equal opportunities
  • To develop students’ social and emotional understanding of dance through the study of different professional work to help raise and transform aspirations of students.

Students interested in studying dance at key stage 4 can opt to complete the AQA GCSE dance course.