Meols Cop High School

Brokering Aspirations

School Vision

 Our School Vision

To promote, model in all that we do and support the development of

Inclusive Excellence for ALL

  • We have no admission criteria that prevents any students of certain prior attainment, gender or faith joining our school. We are a totally inclusive, non-selective comprehensive school.
  • We offer Quality First Teaching to ALL students, in an inclusive curriculum, in every class and every year group so that inclusive excellence for all can be achieved both academically and socially.
  • For those students who need additional learning support, we will provide both internal and external expertise in agreement with parents to achieve our vision.
  • Students who join our school will be expected to have the highest expectations of their own learning and behavioural mind-set so that themselves and others can benefit from a supportive and academically challenging environment.
  • The wellbeing and health of all students is paramount and internal and external support will be provided to ensure that students are ready to learn and make valued contributions to our community
  • All staff including teachers and support staff will be provided with individualised appraisal and professional development of their choice so that they continue to provide the very best learning, teaching and pastoral support to our students and develop their own professional excellence and mastery of their role. Opportunities to collaborate and share internally and externally will be provided and encouraged so that excellence can be observed and cascaded to impact on as many areas as possible. There should be no pockets of excellence.
  • The workload and wellbeing of all staff must be considered by all leaders in the school as a crucial aspect of developing a happy, effective and committed workforce, which in turn will provide exceptional academic and social excellence and progress for MCHS students.
  • By prioritising the professional development and care for our staff, we will support the retention, potential and capacity of our own colleagues to make Meols Cop into the best school it can be and additionally support other establishments who benefit from our staff when they are promoted.
  • We want to continue to develop into a research informed school that involves ALL staff in researching and adapting the best nationally and internationally recognised excellent practice so that ALL in our community benefit from the impact.
  • We will support the school-school-support system as a Teaching School and National Support School and welcome ALL schools to work with us in providing inclusive excellence for all children at the schools who we support. We hope that others will see and appreciate our vision in practical action.
  • All parents, carers and governors will be welcomed to engage fully with staff and their views and scrutiny sought so that the whole community contributes inclusively to the future excellence and success of its school.

Our future!

These are our key priorities that all are focused on and driving our school towards. This doesn’t mean that external pressures necessitating important changes to our type of school, structures, numbers and finances may force new priorities on us that we need to respond to. Education is in a period of uncertainty. Our own monitoring must be rigorous and we should seek external verification of key areas.

My own targets are embedded in the school vision and for this year I hope to see;

Our year 11 achieve at least +0.1 Progress 8 residual and all to achieve as a minimum, the national average for attainment. And all [prior attainment  cohorts.

To reduce the gap between disadvantaged students  and others to the 2016 level at least.


Our School Development Plan 2016/19

Effectiveness of leadership and management priorities

To model and evidence the new school vision, “Inclusive Excellence for ALL” in our community.

To extend the effectiveness and impact of our TSA/NSS role to benefit both our own school and those we support.

To ensure ALL students receive Quality First Teaching in an inclusive curriculum.

To build sustainable foundations of becoming an “Evidence Informed School”

To further support the wellbeing of all students and staff and to always consider the impact of workload on staff effectiveness and wellbeing.

To manage a sustainable budget

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

To develop enquiry appraisal questions which link directly to professional development needs and impact in the classroom

To introduce GM assessment, reinforcing current GM initiatives to develop stronger more rigorous student learning attitudes in order to support stronger subject skills and knowledge mastery.

To continue to develop subject specific CPD and a ‘bottom up/lateral’ accountability.

To eradicate ‘pockets of excellence’ and offer excellence in every subject and from every teacher in our school so that students get exceptional teaching in all subjects regardless of the teacher, subject, set, year, key stage etc.

To solve the ‘HWK problem’ by helping our students to understand how HWK can make their learning in class far more effective and providing the opportunities for them to engage more with HWK.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare  

To further improve student attendance by achieving 96%

To continue to reduce low level disruption ensuring all students can access their learning-re-vamp MC system

To embed our SEND changes ensuring that students are identified early and targeted support is provided ensuring that all students have access to their learning

To embed the use of CPOMs in Safeguarding

To introduce more e-safety evenings for parents enabling them to keep their children safe whilst on line.

Outcomes for children and other learners   

Embed intervention programs for literacy and numeracy so all students have achieved the expected standard by the time they start GCSE's

Develop effective ways of tracking mind set and evaluate its impact on the attainment of students

Further develop the role of MCHS as a centre of excellence for educational research by evaluating the impact of structural changes and further engagement with a range of partners across the north west

Further develop the resilience, revision technique and retention of information of MCHS students to prepare for 9-1 GCSE's