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In response to the UK Government's decision that schools across the country are to be closed in an attempt to encourage social distancing, we appreciate that there are a number of questions which are relevant at this time.  We have published a letter to parents, a copy of which is below.  Please also see below our answers to some frequently asked questions and do check in regularly for updates.


What work should my child be doing?

Please keep an eye on the Home Learning Support page on our website. There you will find information, guidance and links for all subjects with regards to work students can do at home. Along with further suggestions to help pass the time constructively.


How does my child access Office 365?

We have printed a document and handed it to all students.  There is a further copy published at the bottom of this page.

How does my child access Show My Homework?

We have shared the instructions with all students.  There is a helpful document at the bottom of this page.


My child tells me that they don't know their user name and password to log into Office 365 and Show My Homework.  What do I do?

Students all know their username and password - it is the same one that they use to log into the school network every day.  To log into Office 365, they must enter an email address.  This is their username followed by (e.g.  To log into Show My Homework students should use just their login name and not email address (e.g. bloggs-j-23). We do not issue any passwords as the students are only required to remember their own.  Further details are shown in the step by step login guides below. 


Will all of the arranged trips still go ahead?

We have taken the decision to cancel most trips and educational visits for the foreseeable future.  Full refunds will be made for all cancelled trips, where applicable, in due course.  Mr Abram will be in contact with updates over the coming weeks regarding the trip to the Battlefields and PSV Eindhoven as these are currently the only trips scheduled to take place.


Is the Year 11 Prom still to go ahead?

We are upset that students will not have the chance to complete their time with us and we fully intend to celebrate their wonderful characters and achievements with a special celebration when the time is right.  There will be leavers hoodies available at the right time too and we will contact relevant students and parents nearer the time.


Who do I contact to ask questions related to IT?

Feel free to email our IT network support staff at


My child does not have access to a device that can connect to the Internet.  Can you help?

In this case, please contact Miss J Filson (Assistant Headteacher) on


Show My Homework

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