Meols Cop High School

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Code of conduct

We expect all students to work hard and behave well.

In particular, we encourage:

  • a respect for the beliefs, feelings and property of others;
  • courtesy, consideration and good manners;
  • co-operation with teachers, other adults and students.

We have high standards and expectations and we try to develop a strong sense of responsibility and self-discipline.

Very occasionally a child will fail to live up to our expectations and we need to correct his/her behaviour.  Sanctions range from a reprimand or verbal warning to a Senior Detention. 

We have a range of strategies for children with more serious behavioural problems who might be at risk of exclusion. These include counselling, anger management, support in the classroom, self help groups, closer home-school links and individual support programmes.

We have found that close links between school and home are very beneficial to the child’s welfare and development.



The emphasis in our school is to engage all pupils in learning.  Some students have barriers that affect their learning. Inclusion is about removing those barriers.


“To help achieve this aim, our school has a team of staff to support these children in removing the barriers.  This team includes two mentors who work with individual students and another mentor who is involved with home liaison. We are fortunate to have an Excellence Challenge Co-ordinator who works with underachieving pupils to encourage them to work towards Further Education and Higher Education.”