Meols Cop High School

Meols Cop High School

Brokering Aspirations

  1. Our School
  2. Code of conduct


This code has met the approval of the school community at Meols Cop High School - students, teachers, support staff, parents/carers and governors. It sets out those rights and those responsibilities which apply to all members of the school community.

The code is relevant to key areas of school life:
1. Learning
2. Teaching
3. Where we learn and teach
4. Equal Opportunities
5. Supporting the School


We will:

Arrive on time at lessons and with a good attitude

Bring the correct equipment, including books and homework

Keep to deadline

Follow instruction

Listen to the teacher and be co-operative

Raise our hands if we wish to speak - otherwise listen

Respect other students’ work, property and their right to learn

Ask if we don’t understand

Do our best


I will:
Treat peers and staff with dignity, respect, kindness and courtesy

Ensure my attendance is excellent

Arrive on time each day

Never offend anybody with my language or behaviour

Take care of my own, other people’s and school property

Place all litter in the bins

Wear the School uniform smartly and with pride

Obey the rules

Behave well, allow teachers to teach and other students to learn

Avoid bringing valuables to school

Never use my phone in school


I will:

Come to school regularly and punctually

Arrive at lessons on time to complete a ‘Strong Start’

Ensure that the Classroom Code is clearly stated and applied fairly and consistently

Prepare lessons thoroughly and teach to the best of my ability

Regularly assess, mark and record students’ work

Set and mark homework regularly

Apply a consistent and fair approach to dealing with students

Contact parents whenever necessary in a professional and approachable manner

Apply rewards and sanctions in a fair and consistent manner  


I/We will:

Encourage my child to keep to the Code of Conduct

Ensure that the correct uniform is worn each day

Show that I am interested in my child’s progress by attending Review Days and other school

Encourage my child to take responsibility for bringing the correct books, kit and equipment

Provide an environment at home in which good study habits may be fostered

Encourage my child to complete all homework tasks on time

Discourage part-time work which over-burdens my child

Contact the school if I become concerned about my child’s progress or welfare

Ensure I have the MyEd app so I keep up to date with school information



 Students have the right to:

Good teaching

Clear guidelines about what they are expected to do and why (coursework requirements, homework deadlines, topic brief, assessment criteria etc.), how to carry out tasks and the standards expected

A range of opportunities for learning outside the classroom

Students have the responsibility to:

Make the best use of all learning opportunities available

Meet reasonable and clearly defined demands

Behave well, allowing teachers to teach and other students to learn

Help and encourage other students



Teachers have the right to:

Expect that all students will meet their responsibilities as learners at all times

Teachers have the responsibility to:

Plan lessons carefully and teach to the best of their ability

Regularly assess students’ work

Provide a wide range of opportunities for learning

Reward students for working hard and doing well

Apply sanctions fairly and consistently

Apply the same standards (e.g. punctuality and meeting deadlines) to students and themselves

Expect, help and encourage every student to achieve

All members of the school community have the right to a safe and attractive school to work in.

All members of the school community have a responsibility to:

Protect the physical environment of the school (floors, walls, furniture, fittings and equipment)

Place all litter in the bins and baskets

Try to conserve heat, light and water

Try to improve the environment of the school

Respect all personal property

Help and encourage others to respect, protect and improve the school environment

All members of the School community have the right to:

Fair and consistent treatment

Freedom from discrimination

Freedom from physical and verbal abuse

Expect that problems will be dealt with supportively and sensitively

All members of the school community have the responsibility to:

Treat all others fairly and with care, consideration and respect

Challenge examples of discrimination (including teasing and inappropriate joking) and abuse

Adopt a consistent, sensitive and supportive approach to dealing with problems

All members of the school community have the right to:

Feel proud of belonging to Meols Cop High School

Be informed about what is happening in school

Have their views heard and taken into account regarding school policy

All members of the school community have the responsibility to:

Follow the agreed Code of Conduct

Encourage others to follow it

Give a positive image of the school, by word and deed, on all occasions