Meols Cop High School

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Class of 2016 Awards Evening


The first of our new look Awards Evenings, focusing on different year groups rather than whole school, was held on Thursday December 1st in the school hall.


Last year's year 11 students, and their parents, were invited to a more informal evening of celebration and Xmas fayre and reunion.  


Throughout our 75 years of existence,  Mr Jones told the audience that he doubted that there had been 5 more important years to celebrate the wonderful achievements of our school. When the students were in year 7, Meols Cop received a history Ofsted rapidly followed in the October of year 8 by the full Ofsted and the sense of pride everyone in our community felt when we received an 'outstanding' grade was immeasurable. We didn't stand still as a school and
 the students welcomed many visitors into their classrooms as we became a National Support School and then Teaching School. In their time with us, we have moved from being a local community school to one well known nationally for our sharing of ideas and support of other schools. The students themselves achieved superbly in their cultural and sporting extra-curricular successes and topped those with an above national average set of exam progress results last summer. The school recognised, long before many others did, that the progress of their learners, and not just exam grades, has to be the key measure of great local schools and Mr Jones thanked the exceptional teachers, exceptional students and exceptional parents who had contributed so much over the last 5 years to make Meols Cop what it is today.  We are a beacon of excellence in the North West of England and he was incredibly proud to be the head teacher of such a school.


Amie Blundell won the 'Headteacher's Trophy for Academic Excellence' and Aaron Core won the 'Julie Sabin Trophy for Outstanding Progress.'  3 students, Joseph Edmunds, Eleanor Hall and Jamie Hough had 100% attendance and punctuality for 5 years. Nour Souadi and Joshua Middleton were awarded with the Head Girl and Boy trophies whilst the Best Team Performance went to the boys' soccer team for winning the Sefton Cup for the first time in our history.  Mr Vinaccia welcomed back his year group, Mr Walker was the master of ceremonies and Mrs Rimmer organised the evening so splendidly.  Thank you to everyone who supported the evening in any way and thank you, Happy Xmas and a Happy New Year to all of our ex-students and their families.


Awards Evening Programme