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Class of 2017 G.C.S.E. Examination Results Day


It was lovely to see our year 11 students again this morning, and some mums and dads too!  It seems such a long time since Prom night, the leaving assembly and examination season and I hope that many dreams came true today. It would be difficult for the young people involved to have avoided the national discussions re these ‘tough’ new exams and the change of the grading system and perhaps in the long-term the reforms will be a positive thing, but in the short-term it has been difficult for this particular year group, their teachers and parents and I’m sure that the uncertainty has been felt negatively at times, by all, despite our best efforts to maintain our normal aspirational Meols Cop mind-set.


As always, there were some tremendous individual achievements and amazing progress shown over the years by many of our students. No individual names from me or any comments or comparisons about previous years or with other schools-these are YOUR results and the credit for success belongs to you! What is becoming apparent is that in 2017 and beyond, to achieve your very best in the examinations, students do need to show tremendous commitment in terms of hard work and preparation in class and at home.  That is why we put such an emphasis on building up the foundation of great learning habits from year 7 onwards and that is why students who worked so hard for these exams and achieved results that will open up so many future opportunities deserve so much praise and credit.  Congratulations and enjoy your well-deserved success!


Thank you to my colleagues, parents and all involved in our school community for their support with our year 11 and I look forward to seeing our ex-students at Reward’s Evening and over the next few years, hearing of their successes in life beyond Meols Cop.  Good luck and best wishes to each and every one of you.


Mr Jones




Year 11 Prom - Friday 30th



The Ramada, was once again the setting for the year 11 Prom and what a wonderful evening it was for our young ladies and gentlemen in their finery.  Mr Johnson's team of tutors did students very proud in their organisation. The decorations were stunning thanks to Miss Dooris, Miss Pilling and Mrs Gregory.  The vote for Prom Royalty went to Amelia George and Byron Brown. There were over 100 students and staff present and everyone had a great time.  Some of our year 11 students will be back to help out during Sport’s Week but for many the next trip back to Meols Cop will be on Result’s Day.  Fingers crossed, good luck and thank you for 5 years of hard work and committed learning the Meols Cop Way!