Meols Cop High School

Inclusive Excellence for ALL

Meet our staff


Mr D Jones


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs A Peet
Deputy Headteacher with responsibility for Attendance, Behaviour, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Mr L Walker
Deputy Headteacher and Research School Coordinator with responsibility for Attainment, Data, Examinations, Intervention and Progress.

Mr M Brownett
Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Curriculum, Educational Visits, Events, Finance, Induction, Marketing, Public Relations, School Systems and Timetable.

Miss E Francis
Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Learning and Teaching, Continuous Professional Development and Newly Qualified Teachers.


Support Staff


 Mrs J Rimmer
PA to the Leadership Team


Mrs S Porter
Exams Officer, Clerk to the Governors


Mr C McTaggart
Premises and Health & Safety Manager


Mr A de Borde
Network Manager


 Mr W Abram
Finance Manager


Support Staff

Mrs K Davies
Behaviour Support Worker

Mrs K Campbell
Data Administrator

Mrs C Guy
Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs T Houghton
Student Support

Ms M Montgomery
Attendance Secretary

Mrs P Nevins
Clerical Administrator

Mrs L Wilson

Mr A Walton

Mr P Johnson

Mr J Brothers
Apprentice Caretaker

Mrs M Smyth
Finance Assistant

Mrs E Meredith
Careers Connect Advisor

Mr S Walsh
ICT Technician




Mrs W Senior
Progress Leader Year 7


Mr P Johnson
Progress Leader Year 8


 Mr C Vinaccia
Progress Leader Year 9 


Miss R Moreau
Progress Leader Year 10 


Miss Z Evans
Progress Leader Year 11

English Staff

Miss H Jordan
Acting Subject Leader

Mrs K Gregory
Acting Subject Leader

Miss J Swainson
English Teacher

Miss L Cliffe
English Teacher, Assistant SENDCO

Miss H Green
English Teacher

Mr S Blank
English Teacher

Mr L Meadows
English Teacher

Mr G Curtis
English Teacher

Miss B Stewart
English Teacher

Mrs S Cunliffe
Subject Leader and Flash Marking Lead

Mathematics Staff

Miss J Filson
Subject Leader

Miss C Benson
2nd in Maths Department

Mrs S Livingstone
Mathematics Teacher

Miss Z Evans
Mathematics Teacher

Mrs A Witterick
Mathematics Teacher

Miss B Kearns
Mathematics Teacher

Miss F Diamond
Mathematics Teacher

Miss S White
Mathematics Teacher

Mr G Owers
Mathematics Teacher

Miss G Pilkington
Mathematics Teacher

Science Staff

Miss H Shorrock
Subject Leader

Mrs W Senior
Science Teacher

Miss R Moreau
Science Teacher

Mr P Johnson
Science Teacher

Miss H Walsh
Science Teacher

Mrs C McLeigh
2nd in Science Department

Miss K Kilbride
Science Teacher

Miss F Diamond
Science Teacher

Miss E Barden
Science Teacher

Miss S Parkes
Science Teacher

Mrs V Rodd
Science Technician

Mr A Bramwell
Science Technician

Art and Design Technology Staff

Miss K Gall
Art, Subject Leader

Miss J Morgan
Art and Technology, Subject Leader for Technology

Miss L Czalgoszewski
Food Technology

Mr I Ali

Mr J Nicholl
Technology Technician

Business Studies and Enterprise Staff

Mr C Lee
Subject Leader

Drama Staff

Mrs K Mahon
Subject Leader

French Staff

Mr E James
French Teacher

Geography Staff

Miss E Douglas
Subject Leader

Mrs C Cooper
Geography Teacher

History Staff

Mr G Thornton
Subject Leader

Miss C Smith
History Teacher

Information Technology Staff

Mr T Roberts
Subject Leader

Mr C Vinaccia
Information Technology Teacher

Music Staff

Mrs A Booth
Subject Leader

Physical Education Staff

Mr T Easom
Subject Leader

Mrs S Piearce-Swift
2nd in Physical Education

Miss R Pilling
Physical Education /Dance Teacher

Miss S Twaites
Physical Education Teacher

Mr A Curran
Apprentice Sports Technician 

Physical and Social Development Staff

Mrs C Sharp
Subject Leader

Mrs M Yates
PSD Teacher

Religious Education Staff

Miss J Doherty
Subject Leader

Spanish Staff

Miss B Dooris
Subject Leader 

Mrs H Taylor
Spanish Teacher 

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCO)

Mrs M Jordan

Cover Supervisors/Teachers

Mr I Eley

Mrs C Reeman

Mr S Wright

Remove Staff

Mrs K Timperley
Remove Manager

Ms D Leach
On-Call Supervisor 

Learning Mentors

Mrs P Pearson

Mrs J Wilson

Mr J Allen

Teaching Assistants

 Mrs S Balshaw

Mrs K Booth

Mrs C Burt

Mrs A Davies

Miss T Fiddler

Mrs G Gaskell

Miss K Adkins

Miss L Bennett

Mrs M Johnson

Mr A Norcross

Teaching Assistants

 Mrs N Hayes

Mrs A Hitchcock

Mrs J Holmes-Leather

Mrs Y Iles

Mrs D Mordey

Mrs T Greenwood

Miss R Dempsey

Mrs S Johnson

Mr D Phillip

Teaching Assistants

Mrs A O'Brien

Mrs K O'Grady

Miss G Porter

Mrs A Roberts

Mrs C Ryan

Mrs H Woodfull

Mrs C Holmes 

Mr D Parkinson 

Mrs S Uttley

Mrs S Hale