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Ofsted, 2012

Home Learning

Key Stage 3 Home Learning

Students in years 7, 8 and 9 will receive 2 lots of HL per week in English, maths and science. The HL will be issued using Show My Homework on the day of 2 of the 3 lessons. The teacher will inform the student when the learning should be handed in and the date can also be seen when logging into Show My Homework. This should allow plenty of time and planning to produce quality learning, which should in turn really help our students to make great progress in English, maths and science.

The foundation subjects and IT will give HL on a rota system so that students should not be overwhelmed with the planning and production of the required HL. On the date of issue, [see the link below] the subject will issue a piece of learning that can be completed over the next 2 school weeks. Students will have to plan out when to do their learning and this organisational skill is an absolute must in today's world.

In year 9, sets 1, 2, 3 and 4, depending on their option choices, will get 1HL per week of history or geography and 1 language HL per week, in addition to English, maths and science. They will follow the timetable for other foundation subjects. The other year 9 students will follow the timetable for foundation subjects, in addition to English, maths and science.


Home Learning Timetable